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   Chapter 456 Why Are You So Eager To See Him

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Karin was glad to hear that. She immediately stopped and turned around to hold the man's arm. "George, she doesn't want you to drive her home. Let's go!"

George's evil blue eyes glared at Celia, as if he was going to swallow this woman into his stomach.

"Karin, you go back!"

"George, can you dance with me?" Karin put down all her dignity and begged her beloved man.

George's face darkened. "Get out! Or I'll leave tomorrow! "

Hearing his words, Karin's face darkened. She bit her lips hard and looked away from Celia after a long time.

She turned around and left. She must take revenge on Celia!

After Karin left, George walked to Celia. "Use me at will? Kitten, what do you want Karin to do with me? Huh? "

He said it word by word through his teeth.

Celia didn't show any weakness and looked up at him. "George, you took advantage of me this time. Otherwise, your mother wouldn't have treated me like that. And Karin wouldn't have made trouble for me."

She believed that even if she didn't give her bag to Karin as a gift, this man could still expose the photos in public.

"Heartless woman, if I hadn't saved you this time! Do you think you can live till dawn? "

Celia blinked. "That's all your fault!"

If he didn't make others hate her so much, how could she cause so much trouble.

George didn't say anything. There were only the harmonious footsteps of the two people on the quiet path.

"Aren't you afraid of offending Karin's father? Even if you don't like her, you should consider it. "

This question had been bothering Celia. Just as Yvonne said, was he going to destroy his family business?

George chuckled, "kitten, are you caring about me now? But why should I be afraid of offending him? I do need his power, but compared with him, he needs a talent like me more. Don't worry, he won't do anything to me! "

Celia glanced at him and

at that time. We didn't see what it was. Yesterday, by accident, Amanda wanted to use the U disk, so we opened it. And a lot of information in it was..."

"What is it?"

"George!" Dylan said with an unprecedented sternness on his face.

"It turns out that Felix can make a comeback. The supporter behind him is exactly George! If everything goes well, I guess that Jeffery is also a pawn of George. Besides, you have mentioned the relationship between Celia and George before. "

"Yes, Uncle Carlos. My uncle said that maybe George is a member of the A Organization that we have been investigating all the time. If he is the hypnotist, then the memory of Celia, is likely to be taken away by him."

Before Dylan could finish his words, Terence, who was standing next to him, added in a hurry.

Boris kept nodding.

"Yes, Boss. Although we haven't found out the whereabouts of madam, it must have something to do with George. Maybe Jeffery knows where that person is?"

"Where is Jeffery?"

The man's eyes turned cold like blades.

"Maybe he has already known that his own things have been ruined and he hasn't shown up in the past few days." Boris replied.

"Search the whole city right now and make sure to catch Jeffery!"

"Yes, sir!"

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