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   Chapter 453 I Hope The Game Will Never End

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George took Celia back to her previous room and gently put her on the bed. At this time, the previous female bodyguard also brought the medicine.

"Take the medicine." He ordered.

After taking the medicine, Celia felt that her body seemed to have regained some strength. She weakly opened her eyes and saw the man's heavy face.

"It seems that you really don't care about your body at all! Don't you know you just survived from the jaws of death? "

There was a rare cold expression on George's face. Normally, he always looked lazy and dandiacal to her.

"Aren't you going to hit me on behalf of Karin? If you don't hit me, just leave. I'm really tired and want to sleep now. " Celia said weakly.

"You really deserve it. What an ungrateful woman!"

Did she really think he would hit her?

George reached out and pinched her face, rubbing it hard. His blue eyes flashed with an evil and attractive light. Only at this time, Celia would obediently let him touch her.

However, this scene didn't last long. Celia quickly dodged his hand. The temperature on his hand made her uncomfortable.

"If I don't touch your face, where can I touch? Here? "

His slender fingers slowly moved to her cherry lips. Looking at her lips, he had an impulse to hold them and taste them as much as he wanted.

If he came a little later this time, she would really die!

He stared at her with burning eyes. If she really died, would he regret that he had never had her?

At the thought of this, George couldn't help reaching his hand into the quilt.

"What are you doing?" Celia's body was so weak, but when she noticed his action, she tried her best to resist.

"What's wrong, kitten? I've seen everything about you five years ago. Kitten, I saved you five years ago, and it's still me five years later. You're mine, mine! "

He could say this righteously in front of her.

Hearing that, Celia's heart sank. Carlos...

ak now. Don't let Karin find fault with her for the time being. "

George turned to look at his mother.

Yvonne frowned. "If you can be nicer to Karin, she won't always think that Celia is going to take you away. I'm going to talk to her father about your engagement party tonight. Get ready. Don't let Karin down! You should know that we need her father's support now! "

"I'll try. But mother, I hate women with big breasts and no brain!"

Yvonne glanced at her son from the corner of her eye. Sometimes she really didn't know what kind of taste her son had. Karin's figure was simply a beauty in the eyes of many men, but her son didn't like it.

Well, as long as his son knew what he should do, it was not important to force him marry Karin.

Taking a look at Celia, who was lying on the bed, Yvonne smiled coldly.

After Yvonne left, George looked at the tightly clenched hands of Celia.

"Go to sleep. It's just a dream. It's all over. My kitten, you have to hold on. I don't want the game to end so soon."

He murmured as if he was sighing.

He didn't know if he wanted her to stay longer, so he didn't want the game to end, or he was enjoying the pleasure of revenge, holding everyone's fate in his hand.

If possible, he hoped that the game would never end!

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