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   Chapter 450 No Matter How Painful It Was, It Was Not As Painful As Him!

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 6467

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Celia frowned.

"George, can't you say something good about me? I'm fine now. "

George put down the medicine bottle and pressed the button to lay down on the bed.

"Are you okay? Why are you lying here? Do you still remember what happened before you died? "

Hearing this, Celia felt harsh. Before she died?

She tried to recall it, but her head ached every time she thought about it.

Where did she come from before?

It hurts——

Her eyes were in a mess, and it was getting more and more difficult for her to breathe. She held her head in pain.

"What's wrong?" George looked at her and asked worriedly.

"I was kidnapped by Jeffery, and then... Then... "

What happened then? But she couldn't remember.

"All right, all right. Don't think about it if you can't remember. Have a good rest first."

Hearing George's words, Celia was confused.

"Kitten, you owe me a life this time. What should I do?"

This time, she really owed him a life. As the creditor, could he get his debt legally?

"Yes, I owe you another life."

Besides, five years ago.

The man's fingers gently touched her fair face. Although her face was very pale because of the previous accident, it did not affect the temptation of her delicate face.

"Do you want me to die twice? It's so hard. You have to save me in the end. In that case, I will owe more and more? How about I save you after you die two times? "

George's blue eyes flashed. "I don't like to die. Kitten, how about your body? How? It's quite easy. As long as you lie here, you don't even need to move. I can do it myself. Do you like gentle or overbearing? I like it deeper and fiercer. "

The shameless words he said made Celia blush. Sometimes she really felt that how could this man be so righteous when he said these words. Was this the difference between Western and Eastern?

"Shut up!"

She was ashamed and annoyed. She really wanted to stick his mou

? "

At this time, George's whole face was gloomy. At the thought that she was pregnant with Carlos' child, he wished he could end her baby's life in her belly with his own hands.


He pursed his lips and looked at her. "You should know that something might have infiltrated into your baby's body. If you insist on having this baby, you might not love him, but hurt him! Think it over! And one more thing, kitten, your Carlos has become the president of the Gu consortium. At that time, the reason why Jeffery threatened you was that his position was saved and Carlos' position was saved. You should know what it means? "

Did it mean that Carlos didn't save her for that position?

Celia felt dizzy. She couldn't believe what George said.

"No, he will save me! He said we would never be apart again! "

She grabbed George's arm tightly and couldn't believe it.

George's body stiffened, and then he replied coldly, "wake up! What he loves is always Sally, not you, Celia! Without the title of CEO of the Gu consortium, who is he? He is nothing! "

George's eyes became darker and darker. Looking at the undisguised pain on the woman's face in front of him, he knew that she was very painful.

But no matter how painful she was, it was not as painful as he was!

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