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   Chapter 447 Celia, Wait For Me!

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But fortunately, it was a little dark, and Celia should not be able to notice his expression.

After Celia finished a song, Jeffery clapped his hands.

"Well done!" He said.

"You want to play a song too?" Celia turned around and looked at him, with the corners of her mouth slightly upward.

Her faint smile made Jeffery absent-minded for a long time before he said. "I... Forget it. I don't sing well. "

"It doesn't matter. No one else will hear us except me."

"Ah, it's a little dark here. Why don't we light it up? It's more beautiful."

Celia suggested.

Looking at Celia, it suddenly occurred to Jeffery that he had been close to Celia for several times. He wanted to enjoy such a wonderful moment.

"Do you really want to hear it?" He asked tentatively.

Celia nodded.

Soon, a phone call was made. After a while, a searchlight was set up by the river, and the tree trunk was wrapped with shiny neon lights. Looking from afar, the river was brightly lit and fell into the Milky way of the stars.

"Wow! It's so beautiful! " Looking at the starlight around, Celia couldn't help admiring.

A rare smile appeared on Jeffery's face. "Then... I'm starting. " He stared at her.


A car passed by the road in the distance.

"Boss, there is a strange place in the remote area that you asked us to pay attention to. Someone lit a lot of neon lights by the river, but it is the warehouse area. No one should come there at ordinary times."

Boris reported to Carlos.

In order to find Celia, Terence had sent someone to follow Jeffery. Unfortunately, Jeffery was too cautious, so they were lost in the end.

After studying the planning map, Carlos drew several key areas and personally led people to search.

They were all located in the suburb of the city, which was remote and desolate. Generally, no one would go there.

According to Carlos' conjecture, the hiding place of Jeffery would not be too far away from him, which meant that Jeffery would not send Celia to another city or send her abroad.

Because only near to Jeffery could he control the whole situation and threaten Carlos more easily.

Boris was ordered to look for them separately. He didn't expect to see the light on the river when he drove here.

This was a warehouse. Even if there were people playing romantic games, they would not go near these warehouses. There were many rivers in this city, so it was impossible to find which river was not suitable.

He sensed

ghed loudly and grabbed his collar, "really? What if she beg me to hurt her? Let me tell you, if I want her, I have many ways! "

Carlos frowned. Undoubtedly, he understood what Jeffery said.

"What do you want?"

"It's very simple. You know what I want. If I get what I want, I may consider letting her go. To be honest, you have been the president for so many years, and it should be my turn to be the president. What do you think? "

"Okay! I promise you! I'll leave this seat to you. Tell me where Celia is. "

Hearing Carlos' words, a cold smile appeared on Jeffery's face.

"It doesn't count now. Let's talk about it when I really sit down. Oh, I advise you not to think about anything else. Otherwise, I might add something to her food on a whim. It's three lives."

In the silence, the cracking sound of Carlos' fingers could be heard.

"How dare you!"

Jeffery smiled again, "why not? I can do anything I want. She is in my control now. Of course, it all depends on your performance! "

"Okay! I promise you, but you have to keep your word! If you dare to touch her one finger, give it a try! "

Carlos' face was cold.

"A finger? I had already touched her hand yesterday. We were singing by the river. She also felt romantic in the neon lights all night. Maybe we will do something romantic tonight. "

Carlos' face darkened. Singing by the river? The neon lights?

These two important information automatically overlapped Boris' words in his mind.

Carlos calmly looked at Boris, who was standing aside. After getting his confirmation, Carlos clenched his fists more tightly.

Celia, don't be in danger. Wait for me!

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