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   Chapter 443 I'm Just A Loser. I Don't Deserve Her

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Carlos and Celia went back to Jin City. Since they came back, Celia had been thinking about the relationship between Paul and her sister.

She didn't know if Paul had caught up with his sister or if she had followed him.

Celia thought for a while and urged Carlos to call Paul.

However, he didn't get through.

Celia thought it was because Paul didn't catch up with her sister that he didn't want to answer the phone.

She couldn't stand it anymore and called Shelley.

She didn't mention Paul, but Shelley said first. Shelley had arrived at the Chu Clan, and it was good.

After listening to Shelley's words, Celia wondered why Paul didn't catch up with her, or else she would mention it on the phone.

In the end, she asked Shelley about Paul.

"Paul, is he there to chase you?"

On the other side of the phone, Shelley was stunned and didn't say anything.

After a while, she replied, "No."

"He didn't come!" She said with disappointment.

In fact, her sister was also waiting for being chased by Paul?

Celia was even more confused. Paul drove their car to the airport to chase after her sister, but her sister said she didn't see Paul. Where was Paul?

Did he give up halfway? And then hide and get drunk?

Yes, it's highly possible!

Disappointed at Paul, Celia sighed.

After hanging up the phone, Celia kept sighing. Carlos made fun of her. She had too much to worry about and just let them solve their own problems.

Although Carlos said so, he still tried to find out the whereabouts of Paul without telling Celia.

To Carlos' surprise, in the next few days, Paul didn't return to Jin City. There was no sign of Paul in the Tang consortium or Dylan.

The vice president took over the work of Paul, and Dylan also said that he had no trace of Paul.

The sudden disappearance of Paul made Carlos more and more confused.

Paul didn't give up halfway. Since he came to the Ling Clan from Jin City to find Shelley, he would definitely catch up with Shelley. He loved her so much that he wouldn't let her really marry Josef.

Paul would either straighten out his thinking or something bad would happen!

At the thought of this, Carlos' heart trembled. He remembered that day when Paul drove to the Ling Clan, he looked haggard. Wa

ckly took out his phone and said. He felt that Paul had broken a leg in order to chase after Shelley, so he should tell her.

However, Paul stopped him.

When he had a car accident, he wanted to see Shelley. It would be good to see her before he died. But on second thought, if he really died, Shelley would be sad if she knew it.

Ten years ago, he put her in prison. Ten years ago, he made her suffer. He let her not able to go back home. He couldn't make her sad anymore.

That was also what he thought. Before he passed out, he asked his men to block the fact that he had a car accident. After he woke up, he didn't call Shelley either.

"I'm just a loser. I don't deserve her." He looked up at Carlos with a smile.

Because of the car accident, Paul, who had been thin, became even thinner.

When he met Shelley again, he was so eager to be with her. Even if she didn't want to be with him, she was escaping. He would never let her go unless he was dead.

When he really saw the death gate, he wanted to let it go.

Shelley had married to Josef. She wanted a quiet and peaceful life. She couldn't give it to her, but the Chu Clan would give it to her.

They used to be separated by the prison and their family.

Maybe God didn't allow them to be together, so he had a car accident and separated from her.

"Carlos, I'd better live alone." He added softly.

After saying that, he continued to smoke and looked out of the window. "I don't know how long I can live. Don't go to scourge Nelda."

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