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   Chapter 437 Is She My Daughter

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Noticing that Eddy's face changed, Selina stopped Joyce from talking.

But how could Joyce listen to her now? She grabbed Selina's hand and continued excitedly.

"Mom, I have to tell everyone that it was Celia who sent someone to rape me! Listen, dad called her vicious and bastard. I like it when Dad calls her bastard. Ha ha, Celia, you bastard! "

Joyce wanted to continue, but Selina couldn't help pinching her hard.

Joyce jumped away in pain and burst into tears.

Selina stopped and asked the medical staff to take her away.

Joyce was really crazy. Selina didn't want to admit it, but she had no choice.

Eddy looked at Selina coldly. He had heard everything.

He used to call Celia vicious, but now he thought Joyce was a vicious woman!

"Eddy, Joyce is crazy." Selina turned around, squeezed out tears from her eyes and said to him in a soft voice.

She was so crazy that she said something that you couldn't take it seriously.

"She was talking nonsense." She explained.

But sometimes, nothing was more true than a madman's words.

"Selina, can't I treat you well?" Eddy asked in a low voice.

Wasn't he good enough to her?

Selina looked at the anger in Eddy's eyes. When she was about to say something, he walked up to her and looked at her coldly.

"Selina, Joyce is crazy. I can't take her out of that place."

"She can't get out if she goes in there. Besides, Joyce has gone crazy."

Eddy said in an extremely cold tone. He knew that Joyce was not his daughter, and his heart was changing. He hated Selina's deception and he hated himself that he scolded Celia indiscriminately.

"Eddy, we can take care of her. We can take care of her together. She will be fine." Said Selina.

Joyce had been taken away by the medical staff, so they couldn't accompany her to the psychiatric hospital.

Selina thought that Joyce must have been driven crazy inside. She would be cured if she was taken out for treatment.

"How?" Eddy asked. "Dad won't help you."

Selina reached out and held Eddy's hand. "Eddy, when Nelda was in prison, Grandpa Ling managed to get her into the Ling Clan. Now, Joyce's crime is much smaller than that of Nelda. Besides, she was sent out of the mental hospital. I'm sure he can do it. "

She looked at him expectantly.

She wanted Eddy to tell Grandpa Ling about the miserable life of Joyce in mental disease and the threat of death after he came back home. Grandpa Ling would definitely be softhearted.

Hearing her words, Eddy smiled.

"Selina, he won't."

Grandpa Ling wouldn't. He didn't like Joyce before. If he had known that she wasn't his granddaughter, he wouldn't have done that.

"Joyce is also his granddaughter. He can't be so partial!" Selina snapped.

The smile at the corners of Eddy's mouth became more and more ironic. He held her hand back and said, "really? She is? "

Selina wa

er was that he must have the evidence. He might have done the DNA test.

She also remembered that a few days ago, when Joyce had a miscarriage, Eddy rushed to the hospital first.

When she came over, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at her face. His eyes were red. At that time, she thought he cried because he was too worried about Joyce.

But when she thought about it, Eddy realized that it was not his daughter at that time, so he stared at Joyce's face.

Later, he asked about the relationship between Joyce and Wilson, and about the fact that Joyce had hurt Celia.

If it was in the past, he would not scold Joyce for the sake of Celia.

It was true that Celia was his daughter, but so was Joyce. He loved Joyce more. He didn't have much feelings for Celia and Shelley. How could he scold Joyce for Celia.

It was because he knew that Joyce wasn't his daughter that he felt guilty and remorseful.

Selina tried to straighten things out. She didn't feel guilty for him at all.

She lowered her status to marry Eddy. Even if Joyce was not his daughter, Joyce had called him "father" for so many years and had always been filial to him. What's wrong with him?

Now that he knew she was not his daughter, he just wanted to leave Joyce alone. Humph, she wouldn't allow it.

Unless Eddy dared to bring this matter to Grandpa Ling!

As far as she knew, Eddy didn't have the guts.

He loved her so much! It was impossible for him to abandon her.

Selina was confident that she could make Eddy give in and believe her. She couldn't help but think of another man.

She had a good taste. She had never taken a fancy to Eddy. She fell in love with Martin the first time she met Martin.

It was much better than that of Eddy.

If she hadn't been refused, how could Selina marry Eddy?

After so many years, Selina's heart was still the same. She always dreamed of being with that man!

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