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   Chapter 436 Would Rather Marry A Stranger Than Him

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Paul finally came to the door.

Shelley thought he would come and she would meet him.

Yang City was a rainy city. Paul was waiting at the gate of the Ling Clan. He was wearing a black suit and holding an umbrella, giving off a cold feeling.

Seeing him, the servant of the Ling Clan felt that the weather was a little cold. They turned around and said to Grandpa Ling.

In Jin City, holding Shelley's hand, Paul called her fiancee!

Ironically, he was preparing for their future, but she said she was going to marry others.

He loved her and tried his best to love her. He didn't know what she was escaping from? The Tang Clan still hurt her because what they did in the past.

However, Paul was given a chance. Even if there was one, he would use time to prove that the pain could be erased, and his family would no longer hinder them from being together.

It was raining heavily. Shelley went out of her house.

Because she forgot to take an umbrella, she got wet in the rain later.

Raising his head, he wanted to question her, but seeing she walked over without an umbrella, he panicked and quickly walked over to hold the umbrella over her head.

"Come with me." He held her hand and said.

Looking at the thinner Paul, Shelley couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

"I happen to have something to tell you."

He tightened his grip on her and stared at her.

Didn't you understand what I meant? Go with me! They left the Ling Clan, Jin City and their previous place together.

His face turned cold. He held her hand and got into the car.

Grandpa Ling had already sent people to follow them. He knew that Shelley would do what she had decided, and Paul was also stubborn.

If Paul took Shelley away, he might not send her back.

Grandpa Ling was worried about Shelley and asked someone to follow them. However, he didn't expect that when Paul drove the car all the way, he shook off the car following him in the rain at full speed.

"Slow down." Said Shelley, frightened by his car speed.

"You don't want to be with me. Isn't it better to die?"

He said in a deep voice and stepped on the accelerator harder.

She would rather marry a stranger than him!

Seeing his cold face, Shelley stopped persuading him. If he wanted to kill her, just let him be.

Maybe it was a good ending for the two people to lose their lives on the road.

In the following three days, Shelley didn't show up.

At first, it was Celia who was anxious, and then Grandpa Ling also became anxious.

Grandpa Ling had made it clear that even


"Mom, it hurts! It hurts!"

Joyce stretched out her hand. Her elbow was rubbed and bleeding, which made Selina's heart ache.

"Can't you just take care of this madman? Don't let her rush out and beat others."

The husband of the pregnant woman said angrily, protecting his wife.


Hearing others describe her daughter like this, Selina raised her head and snapped, "my daughter is not crazy."

"She has suffered too much recently. She is just a little mentally unstable." She explained in a much softer tone.

Hearing Selina's words, the pregnant woman's husband scolded, "you are crazy!" They were all crazy.

"Mom, it was Celia who hurt me. You have to avenge herself." Joyce held Selina's hand and said.

They didn't know whether she was awake or not.

"Yes, it's all Celia's fault. Joyce, you were framed by her." Selina comforted her with tears in her eyes.

"Who the hell is Celia? She is not my father's daughter. Why did Grandpa Ling give the building to her?" Joyce held Selina's hand tightly. As she spoke, she pulled Selina's hand so hard that it hurt.

But Selina didn't pull it away. She endured the pain and let her grasp.

"Mom, didn't you say that if you let me be obedient, Grandpa Ling would assign the Ling consortium to me. I'm such a good girl. Why can't he see my kindness? " Joyce asked in confusion.

"Ha ha, Celia thought I couldn't deal with her since she married Carlos. I asked Bob to deal with Shelley, and I asked Wilson to deal with Celia. I gave Wilson three hundred thousand dollars, and he said he would help me kill Celia! "

Joyce's logic was in a mess, but what she said was true.

Hearing this, Eddy realized what had happened.

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