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   Chapter 435 She Is Really Crazy!

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The nurse who went to get the blood ran over in a hurry. Seeing Eddy sitting on the chair and giggling alone, she felt flustered.

The patient in the operating room was sent from a mental hospital. This man was her father. Was she inherited from him?

While she was thinking, she quickly walked into the operating room and handed the blood bag to the doctor.

When Selina arrived, Joyce had already been pushed out of the operating room.

The baby must be aborted.

Those madmen didn't care about other people's pain, nor did they think of killing people? It was fun for them to fight others to death.

If Joyce was unlucky, she might lose her life.

Selina pushed the door open and saw Eddy sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the sleeping Joyce.

She approached and saw his eyes red and tears rolling in his eyes.

Was Joyce in a bad condition?

Selina's heart beat faster. She walked up to Eddy and asked, "how's Joyce?"

Eddy raised his head and looked at Selina. He thought too seriously and didn't know when she came.

"The baby is gone." He said in a low voice and wiped his tears away when he spoke.

Selina disdained to see a man crying.

She was dissatisfied with Eddy, but she had relied on him for more than 20 years.

Selina didn't love him at all, but she didn't want to divorce him. She had to play a role of deep love in front of him.

"What a miserable life!" Hearing that the baby was gone, Selina had an indescribable feeling.

Joyce's experience was too similar to hers. When Selina learned that Joyce was pregnant with Wilson's child, she felt that their paths were too similar.

Selina wanted to have an abortion for Joyce's baby.

The reason why she didn't abort the baby was not that she wanted her to follow her old path, but that she wanted to make use of the child to make Grandpa Ling compromise and save Joyce.

Now that the baby was gone, she breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, Joyce didn't have to wal

an for thirty years. Even if he was cheated by her, he didn't dare to question her.

Joyce was really crazy!

When she woke up, she saw Selina and Eddy. Instead of pouncing on them and crying out that she was bullied, she suddenly huddled herself up and said in a panic, "don't hit me, don't hit me!"

Selina knew that Joyce was frightened to death in the psychiatric hospital.

This kind of scare made her lose her mind. If Joyce continued to stay in the hospital, her condition would not be good, but worse.

"Joyce, Mommy is here." Selina's heart was cut by a knife. She reached out and wanted to hug her.

Joyce raised her head and looked at Selina. As soon as Selina touched her hand, Joyce sat up and stretched out her hand to hit her.

"Fuck off! Fuck off!" In Joyce's eyes, Selina was also a bad person.

She was scared by a group of insane people. When she woke up again, besides the scene they beat her, there was also a lot of blood under her body.

"Blood! So much blood!" She seemed to really see the blood under the quilt. She retreated to the corner in fear and held herself tightly.

"Joyce." Selina had no time to care about the pain caused by Joyce's slap. When she saw the difference in Joyce, she was anxious and flustered.

Selina had only one daughter, was she really crazy?

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