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   Chapter 433 Marry Someone Else

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In the mental hospital.

If it was a madman who went in, it should be a good life and it would be easy for him to adapt.

Madmen and madmen had common language, but when they started to fight, everyone would fight to death.

If he hadn't been a madman, he wouldn't have been able to live there.

Joyce was thrilled to see Selina.

They hadn't seen each other for a few days, but Joyce had lost a lot of weight.

When Joyce came in, she had almost recovered. After staying in the hospital for a few days, her face became thin and her eyes were full of fear when she looked at Selina.

With the medical staff around, Selina shook her head at Joyce, indicating her not to talk to her in a hurry.

Joyce knew that she should pretend to be crazy, but she didn't want to pretend anymore. She lowered her head and said nothing.

After the medical staff left, Selina walked up to Joyce and held her hand.

"Joyce, what's going on inside? Don't worry. I'll take you out soon. " She said anxiously.

Hearing Selina's words, Joyce burst into tears.

"Mom, please take me out!"

"Didn't you say that you would have a way to bring me out as long as you go to the Ling Clan?" Joyce said anxiously. As soon as she finished her words, Selina immediately covered her hand with her hand.

"Joyce, don't talk nonsense!"

After Selina reminded her, Joyce lowered her voice.

"Mom, have you entered the Ling Clan? Have you seen Grandpa Ling? "

"Yes." Selina nodded. She looked at Joyce with warm eyes and held her hand tightly. "Take it easy, Joyce!"

"I think I can take you out soon!"

Joyce would rather stay here than go to jail. Selina had no choice but to help her daughter find a way out.

After Joyce went into the madhouse, Selina knew that only Grandpa Ling could save her.

Grandpa Ling hated her all the time, and he even hated Joyce.

And now that such a big thing happened to Joyce, Grandpa Ling must be very sad.

Anyway, Eddy is the son of Grandpa Ling, and Joyce is also the daughter of Eddy.

Selina took this opportunity to enter the Ling Clan.

Kneeling at the gate of the Ling Clan didn't mean that Grandpa Ling would be softhearted to help her save Joyce.

She knelt there, thinking of entering the Ling Clan's gate.

After entering the Ling Clan and staying with Grandpa Ling, she would try to make Grandpa Ling feel guilty.

Once people felt guilty, especially an old man, he was more likely to be moved by family affection.

If she endured in the Ling Clan and took good care of Grandpa Ling, Grandp

l. She didn't expect to ask Grandpa Ling for help when she came back to the Ling Clan.

But now Joyce was pregnant. She should have an abortion or leave that damned place with the baby.

Joyce knew that she was pregnant, so her first reaction was to have an abortion!

She was scared and hated the bastard in her belly!

"Grandpa Ling, the baby is innocent!" Kneeling in front of Grandpa Ling, Selina cried.

Grandpa Ling didn't respond immediately. It was really out of his expectation that Joyce was pregnant.

The baby in her belly must be laughed at and taunted after it was born.

In that case, why would she give birth to it.

Celia's belly was getting bigger and bigger, and she was sleepy in the past ten days.

She thought there must be two little fat babies in her belly.

Grandma Gu also sent many toys and clothes to welcome the two babies.

Grandpa Ling didn't care about Joyce anymore, but he knew that she was pregnant, so he asked the psychiatric hospital to pay more attention to her and give her a special treatment.

Grandpa Ling had never thought of taking Joyce out.

Now he was busy with Shelley.

Only he, Shelley and the Chu Clan knew that Shelley had agreed to the proposal.

It was not until the wedding day was put on the agenda that Celia and Carlos knew.

Sister is going to marry someone else?

The news shocked Celia.

Before that, Shelley had tried to start a new life. It had only been one month since she got married.

When did Shelley know that man? Celia was confused.

Then what kind of person was Josef? She didn't know.

"Who is Josef?" Celia kicked Carlos and asked angrily.

Why did she kick Carlos? She was used to it.

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