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   Chapter 431 A Vicious Heart

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Hearing Joyce's words, Sabina was heartbroken.

Her heart was full of anger. For so many years, Sabina really treated Joyce as her sister.

Hearing what Joyce said today, she just felt that she was blind and would be good to her.

After Joyce finished her words, the door of the ward was pushed open.

With a cold face, Sabina turned around and looked at Eric, who was also in a bad mood.

When Eric came over, he heard the last sentence of Joyce.

He knew in his heart that Joyce was a scheming woman. How could he be kind to her when he heard her calling his daughter stupid.

"Dad, let's go!" Sabina didn't stay shamelessly. In Joyce's eyes, she was just a pawn, and she was scolded as a fool by Joyce. If she stayed to help Joyce, she would make trouble for herself.

"Brother, I'll keep the lawyer for you. Sabina and I will go back to the Ling Clan first." Eric said to Eddy.

Eddy continued, "You just said that you would leave after solving Joyce's matter."

"I remember that I have something to deal with in the company." Eric said indifferently and left with Sabina.

Eddy and Selina watched them leave, and the faces of the two darkened.

Selina didn't expect that Joyce would become so stupid!

She had told Joyce not to quarrel with Sabina in a hurry. Now that she had scolded Sabina like this, Eric would not try his best to help them.

Eddy also heard what Joyce said. He walked up to her and slapped her pale face.

In the past more than 20 years, this was the first time that she had been beaten by Eddy.

Covering her aching face, Joyce looked at Eddy in disbelief.

"Dad, you hit me!"

"You say Sabina is stupid. Aren't you stupid?"

Eddy said angrily and left the room without saying anything more.

He humbled himself in front of his brother and finally convinced Eric to help him. Joyce messed it up.

He not only lost his face, but also drove Eric away.

Selina didn't leave immediately. She pointed at the lawyer standing at the door and said to Joyce, who was crying, "he is the lawyer invited by your uncle."

"They are here to help you."

It was not until then that Joyce realized that Sabina really came to help her.

"Mom, call Uncle Eric here." Regardless of the pain on her face, she grabbed Selina's clothes and said.

There was a big difference between being with Eric and not!

With his help, the chance of winning would be greater.

"Joyce, you take off your mask in front of Sabina. Do you think she will help you? Or do you think Eric is useless? " Selina said sadly, lowering her head to wipe off the tears on her face.

"Joyce, cheer up. Don't hurt yourself anymore."

"It doesn't matter if you lose once. You still have a long way to go in your life."


At first, Grandpa Ling was confused. His second son had always been nice to his brother. This time, it was also him who took the initiative to say that he would go to Jin City when something happened to Joyce.

"I can't help Joyce." Eric said lightly after they came back.

Eric didn't explain why he didn't stay in Jin City. Judging from his expression, he was in a bad mood.

Then Grandpa Ling learned from Sabina that it was Joyce who had gone too far. She cursed Sabina as an idiot.

There was really something wrong with Joyce's spirit!

If it was someone else who was scolded, she would not swallow the insult and help the person who scolded her.

When Eric came back, Grandpa Ling didn't interfere. The Ling Clan had sent someone to help, but she didn't cherish it.

When Grandpa Ling woke up, the Butler came and said that Selina was kneeling outside.

He had guessed that Eddy and Selina would come to him, so he had told the servants not to see them.

But Selina refused to leave and knelt down at the gate of the Ling Clan.

Since Grandpa Ling didn't see her, she had to kneel down all the time.

"Grandpa Ling, Joyce is also your granddaughter!" Selina's crying could be heard through the door.

The only person she could ask for was Grandpa Ling!

Eddy had persuaded Selina not to kneel down. Even if she fainted, Grandpa Ling might not let them in.

Selina refused to stand up, "It's worth kneeling to death for Joyce."

Eddy loved his wife. Seeing that he couldn't persuade her, he knelt down too.

The two of them knelt at the door of their house. Knowing this, Shelley didn't persuade Grandpa Ling to let them in.

Joyce deserved this. Moreover, she not only framed Celia, but also hired someone to murder Celia.

Shelley would never pity her for such a vicious thought!

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