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   Chapter 430 I Never Treat You As My Sister

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Although Eddy knew in his heart that Joyce had lied to him, he would rather deceive himself.

He was a little tired. He pulled away Joyce's hand and walked out of the police station with heavy steps.

Losing Eddy's trust made Joyce panic.

Selina and Joyce had been acting in front of Eddy. If Eddy didn't want them, all Selina's tolerance would be in vain.


Compared with Joyce, Selina was calm. She looked at angry and left Eddy, and then turned to look at Joyce, whose eyes were swollen with tears. "Joyce, take care of yourself first."

Things were getting worse and worse. She had to think it over.

Of course, Carlos knew that Joyce was taken to the police station, and he deliberately let Wilson meet Joyce.


Celia heard something from the phone call between Boris and Carlos just now.

She wanted to eat an apple now, so she ordered Carlos.

Since she was pregnant, Carlos had not only become a punching bag, but also her private servant.

"How is everything going with Joyce?" She asked.

"The result will come out soon." With a faint smile, Carlos touched her hair and said softly, "she hired a murderer to murder you. She has to be in prison for several years anyway."

"Okay." Celia replied.

She sighed. If it weren't for the fact that Joyce had said that Celia sent people to destroy her, Carlos wouldn't have been so ruthless.

"What? Our Celia softened her heart? " Carlos asked.

Celia took a bite of the apple. The previous bite was sour, but after another bite, she still felt sour. Instead of recalling Carlos' question, she handed the apple to Carlos.

"Wow, this apple is delicious! Bite it. "

She still smiled and pretended to enjoy the food.

With a smile on his face, Carlos didn't doubt what she said. He took the apple, bit it into his mouth and slowly ate it.

"Well, not bad."

Celia was surprised at his reaction. She took it over and bit it again. Bah, it was still so sour. When she raised her head again, Carlos had already spit the apple in his mouth into the trash can. He looked down at her with a smile and said, "little bad guy!"

She had planned to make fun of Carlos, but she didn't expect to be bullied by him.

Selina was smart and calm. She could tell that Eddy didn't believe them anymore. After returning home, she didn't tell him what happened to Celia, but apologized to him.

She knew Eddy well after living with him for so many years.

Eddy was quick tempered and easy to handle. That was one of the reasons why Selina chose to be with him.

"I'm sorry, Eddy." Selina apologized in a soft voice.

Hearing his wife's apology, he was stunned. Looking at her red eyes, his face sof

self now, not to mention how different their future would be.

Who the hell is the third daughter of the Ling Clan? She was just a fool.

"You can't tell whether I'm fine or not." Joyce took a deep breath. What had happened these days had used up all her patience.

Celia, Sabina and Shelley all lived a happy life, but she was the most miserable one.

Joyce's tone was a little harsh. Hearing that, Sabina got angry.

"Joyce, I came to see you out of kindness. Why are you mad at me?" She complained unhappily.

She had always been single-minded, and what she said was in accordance with her mood, but Joyce felt quite uncomfortable when she heard it.

"Sabina, get out of here! I don't need your hypocrisy! " Joyce cursed angrily.

"You are useless. Don't pretend in front of me!"

Hearing Joyce's harsh words, Sabina was stunned.

In the past, Sabina thought that she was used to deal with Celia and the others by Joyce, but she thought that they still had some feelings for each other.


"Let me tell you, my father is the young master of the Ling Clan! He doesn't want the Ling Clan. Otherwise, it's your turn to take over the Ling consortium in the future. "

Seeing the puzzled look on Sabina's face, Joyce got angry.

"What are you talking about, Joyce?" Sabina said coldly.

Without noticing whether she was angry or not, Joyce continued, "Sabina, do you really think I treat you as my sister. You are so stupid. You deserve to be used by me! What qualifications do you have to compete with me for the Ling consortium? "

Hearing that, Sabina's heart sank. She asked, "you have never treated me as your sister."

Joyce sneered, "you are such a fool. I have always been using you!"

"Stupid! I used you and you treated me as my sister. Shame on you! "

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