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   Chapter 427 Scheming Mother And Daughter

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Crying, Joyce told Selina how she found out the secret of Shelley, and then she went to visit Jeffery but failed. At last, she had to find Wilson.

"Joyce, why are you so stupid?"

Hearing that Joyce asked Wilson to deal with Celia, Selina shook her head and said.

"I don't know!" Joyce said remorsefully, with tears in her eyes. "I thought I could use him and control him, but I didn't expect..."

"Do you know that Jeffery has been at odds with Carlos for many years, but he hasn't been able to move Carlos for such a long time. What can a small bodyguard do with him? Besides, Wilson has a crush on you and wants to get some money from you. "

Selina was calmer than Joyce.

But it was too late to say that.


Hearing Selina's reproach, Joyce threw herself into her arms and burst into tears.

Selina sighed. She had only one daughter, and she couldn't bear to see her suffer.

"Joyce, you put the blame on Celia. It's getting more and more serious. The Gu Clan won't end easily. They must investigate thoroughly. "

Said Selina. The Gu Clan wouldn't let their granddaughter in law be wronged.

Just as she said before, even if Celia really sent someone to rape Joyce, the Gu Clan would think that Joyce deserved it and protect Celia to the end.

"You shouldn't have put the blame on Celia." Selina said in a low voice, wondering how to help her daughter in the future.

She thought about it for a long time and found no feasible way. Eddy couldn't be trusted at all!

"Mom, I'm not reconciled!" Joyce said with hatred.

She clenched her fists and cried to Selina, "Mom, if it weren't for Celia, I wouldn't have ended up like this!"

"She destroyed me. I hate her!"

Joyce said through gritted teeth. She hated Celia more and more.

She was the second daughter of the Ling Clan, not Celia.

If it wasn't Celia, she might be able to enter the Gu Clan.

If it weren't for Celia, how could she end up with looking for a rogue.

Such a disgusting man should have destroyed Celia so that Celia would not have the face to live in the world. But she was the one who ruined it in the end.

"Joyce, after you were destroyed by Wilson, you shouldn't have been in a hurry to say that it was Celia who hurt you. I know you hate and are unwilling to accept it. But you said Wilson

rlos listened to Wilson with a sneer. Carlos knew whether his words were true or not. He listened to Wilson.

"Joyce wanted to know our boss, but he didn't like her, so she had to ask for the second place."

"Although I'm not as rich as my boss, I'm not bad either. She said she liked the muscles all over my body and felt safe." Wilson continued with a smile, "She is a woman."

Carlos didn't answer Wilson. He felt a little bored and took out a cigarette.

He wanted to take a cigarette when Celia was not here.

"Mr. Gu, if you don't believe me, you can ask my friends. Joyce comes to see me every two or three days. "

"If we don't love each other, how could she come to me for no reason?"

Carlos smoked and asked, "that is to say, you don't rape her."

"Yes!" Wilson nodded. He had been wandering around recently, so he didn't know that Joyce had put the blame on Celia.

"A few days ago, we haven't seen each other for a long time. You know, so I couldn't help but..." As Wilson spoke, he was thinking about the smell of Joyce.

What he was thinking now was to turn the whole thing into a mutual affection, or perhaps Joyce took the initiative to seduce him.

"Mr. Gu, I didn't lie!"

At the end of a cigarette, Carlos threw the cigarette butt on the ground, stared at the smiling Wilson and said in a low voice, "what's the use of my believe? Joyce insisted that you raped her. The police will come to you soon! "

Hearing this, Wilson was afraid that he couldn't hide anything.

But why did Carlos come to him?

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