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   Chapter 426 C

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The police station.

Carlos accompanied Celia to take a statement.

Joyce said that Celia had found someone to rape her, so Carlos asked the police to investigate it.

At the police station, Carlos received a call from Boris.

"Joyce has gone to see Jeffery before!"

Hearing Boris' words, a deep light flashed through Carlos' eyes.

"Then Jeffery and she..."

"Master, you are wrong this time. It's not with Jeffery, but one of his bodyguards."

Boris reported what he had found out in detail.

After hanging up the phone, Carlos looked up at Selina and Eddy who were holding Joyce.

Since Joyce hadn't recovered yet, she looked very pale and pitiful.

She said that Celia had sent someone to rape her? There was a saying that she was really raped.

And Carlos also knew that man.

Seeing Carlos and Celia, Joyce was scared. She held Selina's hand tightly and said, "Mom!"

Now she could only rely on herself and Selina.

When she told Selina and Eddy that it was Celia who hired someone to rape her, she could only insist that it was Celia who had hurt her.

"Joyce, don't be afraid!" Eddy said, "no matter how powerful they are, we can't be afraid."

Eddy was totally in favor of going to the police station to report the case.

He didn't think it was Joyce who framed Celia.

Holding Joyce's trembling hand, Selina began to suspect her when Joyce refused to come to the police station.

If it was really Celia who had hired someone to destroy Joyce, Joyce would be anxious to call the police and send Celia to prison.

But Joyce didn't. Instead, she was afraid of coming to the police station.

When she was questioned by the police, she refused to answer. She had been crying and shouting at Celia, saying that Celia harmed her.

Selina knew her daughter well.

In this case, even if Joyce was wrong, she had to protect her to the end.

However, Carlos and the Gu Clan would find out the truth.

Selina was worried that she might be able to protect Joyce.

Joyce was afraid of Carlos. When she saw Carlos walking towards her, she couldn't help trembling.

Since the last time when Carlos asked her out, the three men in the room appeared to touch her. She knew that Carlos was very heartless and would not pay much attention to the woman who was not interested in him.

Celia is so lucky! She found a good man like Carlos who loved her

lose to her. Joyce burst into tears and threw herself into Selina's arms.

"Mom! I feel terrible! "

Listening to her daughter's crying, Selina also felt sad.

She knew her daughter had been raped by a beast! It was true.

"Joyce, it's not Celia, is it?" Selina touched her head and asked in a low voice.

Hearing this, Joyce became anxious. She got out of Selina's arms and questioned, "Mom, you should also help Celia!"

"Celia is the daughter of that woman. Why do you help her?"

Joyce asked angrily. She couldn't believe that her mother would be on the side of Celia.

"I'm not helping her." Looking at Joyce's excited face, Selina said with tears in her eyes, "I'm helping you."

"Joyce, can't you see that? Even if Celia finds someone to rape you, the Gu Clan will protect her to the end. But you have to admit that you are unlucky. How can I, a woman, help you. Eddy is even more incompetent! "

"What's more, Celia has never done it!"

"Joyce, don't you understand?"

Selina looked at her daughter sadly, held her hand and continued.

"Joyce, who did this to you? Tell me, okay? "

"Although I don't have the ability to help you, I can listen to you and let you vent your anger."

Looking at the crying Selina, Joyce cried out, "Mom!"

"It's Wilson. He raped me."

Wilson? At the police station, Selina heard it from Carlos.

At that time, she had noticed that Joyce reacted weirdly when she heard the name.

Who is Wilson? How could her daughter be involved with that kind of person.

"Joyce, why are you with that kind of person?" Selina asked.

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