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   Chapter 419 I Want To Marry You

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"Joyce, do you think my mother will lie to me?"

Joyce knew that Olivia didn't like her.

"Aunt Olivia doesn't like me." Joyce explained softly, "she misunderstood me."

That was to say, Olivia said something bad about Joyce in front of Sabina because Olivia misunderstood her.

Sabina snorted. She didn't want to pretend to be Joyce's good friend.

If Joyce really treated her well, Joyce would have come to the Ling Clan to help her when Grandpa Ling sent her to the police station last time.

Sabina had seen through her.

"Joyce, don't be so hypocritical in front of me. If you want to hurt others in the future, do it by yourself. Don't try to sow dissension between us in front of me." Sabina said angrily.

During this period of time, according to Olivia's analysis, every time she had attacked Shelley several times and framed Celia because she listened to Joyce's words.

Now Joyce still wanted to use her! You must be dreaming!

Before Joyce could explain anything, Sabina had already hung up the phone.

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Joyce began to regret. Last time, she couldn't help but feel happy that Sabina had suffered. At that time, she should go to the Ling Clan to help her cover the crime.

As a result, even if she was scolded by Grandpa Ling and she was sent to the police station, she was trusted by Sabina.

If Sabina believed in her, even if she wouldn't be recognized as the daughter of the Ling Clan by Ling Clan, she would have a chance when Sabina took control of the Ling consortium in the future!

Joyce felt that she couldn't bear insult like her mother.

Her mother had endured it for more than 20 years, but she was too anxious!

Sabina broke up with her. Now Joyce had no one to take advantage of.

She thought there was only that man left in her hand.

Wilson, Jeffery's bodyguard.

Although the man's eyes made her uncomfortable, she had to admit that the man was a little capable. After all, it was not easy for him to work for Jeffery for so long.

However, Joyce was too self righteous. She thought that since that man had a crush on her, she could easily control him.

But she didn't know Wilson well.

Every time she went to Wilson with a purpose. Her attitude of neither agreeing nor rejecting made Wilson a little uncomfortable.

But since his master said that he could play with this woman, then Wilson would get money and woman. Why not.

Shelley's return to Yang City made Celia feel much relieved.

If she stayed in Jin City, even if Paul told everyone that Shelley was not Nelda.

But he couldn't guarantee that one day the police would come to her and check the DNA of Shelley an

re. He just told her the purpose of his visit.

"Miss Ling, I want to marry you."

Shelley was surprised. She had never seen a man propose so frankly. More importantly, it was their first time to know each other today.

Seeing that she looked at him in surprise, Josef smiled and said, "I know what happened to miss Chu in the past."

He meant "Chu", not "Ling".

"If you marry me, you only need to protect your nominal husband and wife with me. We don't interfere in each other's private life. If it's for my sake, I hope you can cooperate with me."

The more Shelley listened to this man, the stranger she was. Marriage should be based on love.

However, it was a business for her to marry Josef.

"Miss Chu, I can help you escape from your present life."

Speaking of this, Josef was one of the nodders of the chief of the Chu Clan. He had investigated everything about her before he found Shelley.

Moreover, from the perspective of others, it was impossible for Shelley and Paul to be together.

The pain the Tang Clan brought to Shelley couldn't be erased because of the love of Paul.

Escape from Paul? Shelley was tempted.

Besides, Josef had said that they would not interfere with each other, which meant that she could live alone quietly.

She knew that she wouldn't be with Paul, and that she couldn't love anyone else in her life. Loneliness was always the result she arranged for herself.

Shelley didn't agree immediately. She looked at the man up and down.

She didn't understand why Josef chose her as his wife just because she was Anna's daughter? Maybe he knew there would be no love between them.

When Shelley thought about it, she looked at the finger of Josef.

Another man who liked smoking!

"Mr. Josef, why do you choose me?"

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