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   Chapter 418 I Won't Come Back Again

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"It's against the law for you to do so!"

Looking at the tenderness in Paul's eyes, Shelley said.

He must have made great efforts to get through many joints for her.

"If I go to jail, you will agree to be with me, then I do."

"You was in jail, so am I. We are meant to be together." Paul said with a smile.

Seeing him talking about "going to jail" with a smile, Shelley couldn't help but stop him, "don't talk nonsense!"

Seeing that Shelley was angry, Paul felt happy instead. He touched her hand and said, "Shelley, I can't lose you again. If you dare to leave, I don't know what I will do! "

He looked at her gently and said. Hearing what he said, Shelley panicked. His determined eyes and warning made her want to escape.

She knew what he had done for her.

But what should she do?

Paul, how can I forget the pain and hatred your family has brought to me!

Paul's words were spread out in front of the reporters. The female reporter's doubt and was covered up by other reporters' voices.

One person's strength could not change Paul's plan at all.

Joyce looked at the smiling Shelley on the TV. Shelley's fingers were clasped tightly with Paul's. Seeing this, Joyce was very angry and threw the glass in her hand out.

Shelley was Nelda. Together with the group of reporters, Paul lied!

Joyce gnashed her teeth in hatred. She had tried her best to expose the identity of Shelley, but was interrupted by Paul.

The two sisters, Celia and Nelda, were so lucky. They had stayed outside for so many years, and had been protected by two of the most powerful men in Jin City.

How dare they!

Once a woman was jealous, she would lose her mind and want to destroy everything of others.

Shelley received the news from Yang City that Grandpa Ling was ill.

Since it was because of [Grandpa Ling's health, Paul would not stop her from leaving.

"You can go first. I'll come to see you in a few days!" He held her hand and said with a smile.

His business couldn't be transferred in an instant, but he could visit her from time to time.

After wha

guidance of Olivia, she had become more and more alienated from Joyce.

"Really? I forgot what I said. " Joyce explained.

Sabina didn't want to talk more with Joyce, but she heard that Joyce mentioned Shelley again.

"Sabina, has Shelley returned to the Ling Clan?"

"She is Nelda, but she was released half an hour after she was sent to the police station. The police said she just looked like Nelda, but not Nelda. Why is everyone protecting her except Grandpa Ling? "

"Last time, if you didn't go to her room to get the photos, Grandpa Ling would send you to the police station." While speaking, Joyce was on the side of Sabina, but she was trying to alienate the relationship between Shelley and Sabina.

If it were before, Sabina would have been furious and thought that it was all because of Shelley that she was scolded by Grandpa Ling.

Now that she had calmly listened to Joyce, she understood what she meant.

"Joyce, if you hadn't asked me to go to her room, I wouldn't have been scolded by Grandpa Ling." Retorted Sabina ironically.

Hearing this, Joyce was stunned. She didn't expect that Sabina would have such a clear mind.

"No, Sabina!" She explained hurriedly.

But on second thought, she added, "Sabina, did someone say something bad about me to you?"

"Don't trust her!"

"If I don't believe my mother, then who should I believe?" sneered Sabina.

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