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   Chapter 417 The Elder Daughter Of the Ling Clan And Paul, Not Nelda And Paul

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Updated: 2020-05-08 00:34

With the company of Paul, the two of them entered the police station.

The atmosphere in the police station was cold and depressing just like ten years ago. The difference was that they didn't confirm that she had killed someone this time.

"Miss Ling, I invite you here to ask if you know her."

The policeman asked and put the photo of her ten years ago in front of Shelley.


Looking at herself in the photo ten years ago, she shook her head and couldn't help clenching her hands.

"Okay!" The policeman who asked her nodded and said, "Miss Ling, I'm sorry. We just want you to come and ask. Nothing else."

Shelley was stunned. The police meant that they didn't have to interrogate her anymore.

When she was confused, the door was pushed open. Paul was standing at the door, followed by several policemen. Judging from the police rank, the director of the police station was standing behind him.

"Mr. Tang, I've finished."

Paul nodded to the chief who was talking. He came in with a smile and reached out to hold Shelley's hand.

"Let's sit a little longer."

Shelley looked at the smile on his face and then at the director of the police station, confused.

"How could the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan be Nelda ten years ago? You just look like each other. " Paul said gently.

The chief of the police behind him said, "Mr. Tang is right!"

"Miss Ling looks like Nelda. We didn't see that they are the same person. We won't believe that kind of thing. "

The chief said and looked at Shelley with a smile.

"Miss Ling, I'm sorry to make you suffer. It's just a routine. Please don't take it to heart. "

Shelley shook her head. She knew the whole story.

"Sister went to the police station!"

Looking at Carlos, Celia said directly.

Seeing her cold face, Carlos reached out to hold her. "Yes."

"Celia, I'm afraid you'll worry about me." Said Carlos.

Celia said indifferently, "I know."

"Even if I go there, I can't help her, but the result is the opposite."

She and Carlos couldn't appear in the police station, which would only prove that Shelley was Nelda.

Therefore, she couldn't go, neither could Carlos!

"Okay." Replied Carlos. He held her hand and told

orter asked more, other reporters followed him.

"Mr. Tang, wish you and Miss Ling a happy life."

"We are all waiting for the wedding of Mr. Tang and Miss Ling."

Most of the reporters congratulated Paul with a smile. Paul knew that they were on the headline today.

They were the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan and Paul, not Nelda and Paul.

"Thank you!" He liked these words.

Among the blessings, only the female reporter who had just questioned Paul looked at him and Shelley coldly.

"Miss Ling, she really looks like Nelda!" The female reporter added.

Hearing that, Paul frowned. Which newspaper was this!

Shelley also noticed the female reporter and felt that she looked familiar.

At the gate of the police station, Paul didn't stay there any longer. He held Shelley's hand tightly and walked into his car under the protection of the bodyguards.

After getting in the car, he still didn't let go of her hand.

"Are you still afraid?" He asked softly.

Shelley looked at him and said, "you called the reporters."

"Yes." He didn't want to hide it from her. "In this way, you don't have to hide from the media and don't have to be afraid of being worried."

"You are just like Nelda."

Paul didn't stop those people from posting the two photos on the Internet, because he wanted to make Shelley stand in front of them.

She was afraid of the past, afraid of being recognized in Jin City. Looking at her, he felt more remorseful and distressed.

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