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   Chapter 416 Don't Be Afraid. I'll Be With You

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"I want to go back to the Ling Clan."

Shelley made an appointment with Paul to have dinner with her.

When the two of them were having dinner, they didn't talk much. They liked to do their own things.

During the dinner, Paul turned off his phone on purpose. He didn't want to be disturbed while he was with Shelley.

"Okay!" He smiled and replied.

With a straight face, Shelley wondered whether Paul didn't understand what she meant or she didn't want to hear it.

It was not good for either of the two to delay like this.

"Paul, I'm back to the Ling Clan. I won't come to Jin City often." Shelley added.

In the past ten years, she had been used to the Ling Clan. Jin City was a memory for her and the source of her nightmare.

If it weren't for Celia and Paul, she wouldn't have

are you doing? This, this is my... "

She couldn't hide it anymore, because the phone had been in Celia's hand.

Holding the phone in her hand, Celia knew that Grace wouldn't do it for no reason. It must be Carlos' idea!

"Grace. What's going on? "

Grace was caught on the spot. Seeing the expression on Celia's face, she didn't dare to hide anything.

"Damn Carlos!"

Celia said angrily. Carlos turned off the electricity and asked Grace to hide her phone. There must be something hidden from her.

When Carlos came back, he saw his wife's extremely bad face, and the TV was turned on.

Carlos knew that she had 80% known that he had turned off the electricity.

But judging from the voice on the TV and her mood, he didn't know that Shelley had been sent to the police station.

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