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   Chapter 415 Do You Have Any Problem With It

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Paul didn't like killing people. But his hands were not clean for a long time.

Paul was no longer the man he used to be!

Carlos also knew that Bob was missing.

It was a call from Paul.

Hearing his phone call, Carlos was furious.

Around ten o'clock in the evening, he was doing something to his wife. His favorite time was ruined by Paul's phone call.

"Boris is going too far!" Celia was unhappy and put her arms around Carlos' neck to stop him from answering the phone.

She thought it was Boris'.

Carlos was clear about this. As a subordinate, Boris knew his master's schedule very well. No matter how important the matter was, Boris would not call.

"It's not him." Carlos replied.

"Humph, it must be some woman who call you!" Celia said unhappily, "I think Mr. Carlos' wife is pregnant. I want to invite you out for a midnight snack."

It was not Celia's nonsense. Indeed, that thing had happened.

Celia received a call from a rich lady once, who said that Celia was pregnant and couldn't satisfy Mr. Carlos, so she could help Carlos.

Celia scolded her angrily.

Help Carlos?

"Carlos is my husband! He likes to be occupied by me! "

Celia hated those women to death. With Carlos' face and identity, he had offended women one after another, and she had to deal with them for him.

After coming back, she didn't hide it from him and directly said that there was a woman coming to provoke her.

Carlos always thought that he should be ruthless to those women. He let Boris cut off the contact with the company of that rich lady, and called her to tell her clearly that he liked to be occupied by Celia!

Even if Carlos was cruel to those women who threw themselves at him, they still couldn't help dreaming of getting promoted when Celia was pregnant.

"I want to have midnight snack with you and only you." He said to her with a smile.

Sometimes, even Celia felt sorry for his love for her.

Her temper was getting worse and worse because of his spoiling. When she was angry, Carlos, who had always been bad tempered, did not get angry, but let her beat and scold him instead.

When Carlos was talking with Celia, he took out his phon

ed on the phone. Seeing this, Celia couldn't help but feel unhappy again.

"You'd better talk to Paul." Then she turned over with her back to Carlos.

Seeing that she was angry, Carlos lay down and held her tightly in his arms. "You are angry again. I really spoiled you."

She always lost her temper. Although Carlos knew that he spoiled her too much, he still acted on his own.

"Then you can stop spoiling me." She said angrily.

"If you are spoiled, who dares to marry you except me?" He said softly in front of her.

Celia turned around and looked at the cunning look in Carlos' eyes when she thought of her bad temper.

This bad man had this idea!

When she was old and had a bad temper, no man would tolerate her if he abandoned her.


Celia snorted in her heart, but a smile appeared on her face.

"Carlos, I have to treat you well in the future." As she spoke, she quickly kicked towards Carlos's thigh, intending to kick him under the bed.

However, Carlos knew the bad temper of the little woman in his arms very well. When she smiled, he was on guard against her.

This little girl was addicted to throwing a tantrum.

When Celia kicked Carlos, he caught her foot.

However, he smiled at the angry little woman, let go of her, and let her kick him again. Then he rolled to the ground obediently.

Carlos was willing to play such a game with her. She was angry and hit him. This was the pleasure of a couple.

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