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   Chapter 414 I Don't Want To Let You Go

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Shelley didn't tell him what had happened between her and Paul directly, but Grandpa Ling felt something.

"Shelley, I don't think it's a good idea." Said Grandpa Ling.

"Okay." Replied Shelley. She had made up her mind.

Ten years had passed, and they had changed, but those things that had hurt her had never left her heart.

After hanging up the phone, Grandpa Ling thought of Grandpa Chu who called him last night and suddenly felt that his suggestion was feasible.

Shelley and Celia's mothers were members of the Chu Clan. Now the Chu Clan's power holder had only given birth to daughters, not a son.

The Chu family had no choice but to adopt a boy and bring him up to be the heir of the Chu Clan, and choose one of their daughters to marry him.

Things would never go as expected. Two daughters of the Chu Clan had an accident successively, and the last one was in the Chu Clan.

The adopted son should marry a daughter of the Chu Clan.

Last time, when Celia and Carlos got married, Grandpa Ling also invited the Chu Clan.

However, the Chu Clan didn't know that Celia was the daughter of Anna, so they sent the eldest daughter of the Chu Clan, the only daughter in the Chu Clan. At the wedding, Grandpa Ling recognized Celia as his granddaughter in front of everyone.

The eldest daughter of the Chu Clan knew that Celia was the daughter of Anna, so she told Grandpa Chu about it when she went back.

Not only Jin City knew what happened to Shelley last night, but also the Chu Clan saw it.

With the help of the photo, Grandpa Chu knew that Shelley was also the daughter of Anna, so he called Grandpa Ling.

Grandpa Ling didn't admit that Shelley was Nelda. Although the Chu Clan wasn't in Yang City, no one could make it clear about business.

"If she is the daughter of Anna, I hope she will marry my adopted son."

Seeing that Grandpa Ling didn't tell the truth, Grandpa Chu said on the phone.

Grandpa Ling knew that the Chu Clan had always wanted to marry his daughter to their adopted son. He wondered why Grandpa Chu chose Shelley instead of their elder daughter.

He couldn't help asking," What about your elder daughter?"

Grandpa Chu

e posted the photos.

Joyce didn't dare to stay in this room any longer. She left in a hurry, fearing that those people would come back and kidnap her.

When she left, she was glad that she listened to her mother and didn't deal with Shelley herself.

Although Bob was gone, she could still find another chess piece. Now the matter of Shelley was in the limelight. If she pushed it forward, Shelley and Celia would be destroyed.

For so many years, it was normal for Paul to be sober until three or four o'clock in the morning. He was a heavy smoker and could smoke all night.

It was not until he found Shelley that his craving for smoking was alleviated a little. If he had a date with Shelley the second day, he would have gone to bed early the night before yesterday.

He was afraid that he would be in a bad mood if he went to bed too late.

He couldn't tell whether he felt guilty or loved Shelley deeply. Maybe there were two kinds of feelings. He had been so persistent for so many years. Even if she was afraid of him now, he didn't want to let her go.

When he got a call from his men, he found that he was smoking a cigarette.

He lit another lighter.

He lit up the cigarette and took a deep drag on it.

"Mr. Tang, it's done."

Hearing the answer from the other end of the phone, he replied in a low voice, "yes."


His man asked Paul.

"Don't kill him!" Paul said coldly, "send him to an invisible place."

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