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   Chapter 413 What Did He Do To You

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The two photos on the phone made Celia's body stiff. She looked at them over and over again.

"Celia, don't worry! Carlos is dealing with it! "

Grandma Gu tried to persuade her for fear that she might hurt the baby.

In the evening, Carlos and Celia happened to have dinner at the Gu Clan's house. Halfway through the dinner, a news was broadcast on TV.

It mentioned Shelley and Nelda. Celia immediately dropped the bowl and ran to the TV.

The two photos, Shelley and Grandpa Ling, Shelley and Celia, were put together. Everyone could see the problem in the photos.

The headline of the news used two similar words!

It was said that the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan was very similar to Nelda who died in prison ten years ago.

Although they looked like each other, everyone could see that they were the same.

Both Celia and Carlos could tell what the man was thinking about in these two photos.

"Who is it? Who did it? " Celia was confused and nervous.

Carlos came over and saw the news photos. He took out his phone and asked Boris to investigate this matter.

Because Celia suddenly ran over, Carlos followed her to the living room. Grandma Gu also went over and saw the news.

In the two photos, Shelley and Nelda really looked like each other!

Grandma Gu looked at it in surprise, and then looked at the anxious eyes of Celia. With a serious expression on her grandson's face, she knew that Shelley was Nelda.

At this time, she didn't ask whether Shelley was Nelda or not, but worried that Celia was too worried.

"Celia, sit down first!" Grandma Gu beckoned the servant to help Celia, "your sister will be fine."

Celia was stunned. Even Grandma Gu knew that her sister was still alive when she saw these two photos. What about the others in the city and the police?

How could she not worry!

"Grandma, if you know that my sister is alive, others will also know." Celia said worriedly.

"Carlos, send someone to sound out the police station."

Martin said to Carlos. He turned his head and saw that Carlos had walked aside to make a phone call, and Martin also took the phone to find an acquaintance's number.

She saw that all the people in the room were anxious about her sister.

Celia gradually calmed down.

'Nothing will happen. My sister is the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan now. Without strong evidence, they should not dare to arrest

said, Eric was relieved. He was also worried about Shelley. "Dad, call Shelley?"

"Okay." When Eric mentioned this matter, Grandpa Ling wanted to call Shelley.

Grandpa Ling didn't call Shelley at night. When he called her, he received a call from the Chu Clan. It was too late when he hung up the phone.

On the second day, Grandpa Ling called Shelley.

Shelley had just known that her two photos were put together. When she received a call from Grandpa Ling, she said first. "Grandpa, I'm fine."

"If only you could go back to the Ling mansion earlier."

If Nelda had come back to the Ling Clan with him, today's matter wouldn't have happened.

Shelley didn't think so. It was obvious that someone was targeting her.

"Grandpa, even if I leave the city, there will be people watching me." She replied.

Knowing that his granddaughter was stubborn, Grandpa Ling asked her about the matter between her and Paul.

"What did he do to you?"

At the mention of him, Shelley had mixed feelings.

Sometimes, she felt that the man in front of her hadn't changed since ten years ago, and sometimes she felt that this man was strange to her.

Especially when he dealt with his opponent, his eyes were gloomy.

"Not bad." She said lightly.

She always thought of those past when she met Paul.

She felt that she couldn't be with him.

How could she marry a family that sent her to prison?

Once something was damaged, it was impossible to sew it up.

All of a sudden, Shelley felt that love and marriage were two different things.

She loved him, but she couldn't marry him.

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