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   Chapter 411 Falling In Love At First Sight

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"Joyce, come and save me," According to the plan, Sabina said anxiously.

"Sabina, are you really sent to the police station by Grandpa Ling?" Joyce doubted.

"Yes," replied Sabina, "Grandpa knew I stole. He said that the Ling Clan couldn't tolerate me and must send me to the police station. Now my parents went to Grandpa Ling's room to persuade him. Come here and make it clear to Grandpa Ling. "

"Okay." Joyce answered in a long voice.

She believed that Grandpa Ling would send Sabina to the police station.

In her opinion, Grandpa Ling was very partial to the two sisters, Celia and Shelley. Since Sabina had offended them before, Grandpa Ling would fully help the two sisters.

Now, when Sabina went back to look for the evidence of the identity of Shelley, Grandpa Ling must be very angry.

It was possible to send Sabina to the police station in the name of stealing.

"Sabina, Grandpa Ling is your grandfather. He won't do that." Joyce comforted her with a smile.

Grandpa Ling would definitely do that. It would violate the interests of Shelley, and Grandpa Ling protected her very well.

"He was just saying it!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Olivia came over and pinched Sabina hard. Sabina cried out of pain.

At the other end of the line, Joyce heard that it was Sabina who was so scared that she cried.

Hearing that, it was true that Grandpa Ling was going to send her to the police station.

"No." Sabina cried out in pain, "Grandpa will sent me to the detention house for ten days and a half months. Joyce, come here and explain it to me. "

"What do you want to say?" Joyce asked.

Hearing this, Sabina's heart sank.

She didn't know what to say.

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Joyce continued," Sabina, it's Grandpa Ling who wants to punish you. It's useless for me to go there. Do you understand?"

"I believe you won't steal anything, but Grandpa Ling doesn't want to believe you. Alas! " Then, she sighed, "Grandpa Ling doesn't treat you as his granddaughter either."

"I thought he just didn't take me as his granddaughter, and he didn't take you seriously. How could grandpa send his granddaughter to the police station? "

In the past, when Sabina heard these words, she would think that Joyce was right.

But now, she didn't hate Grandpa Ling at all.

"Joyce, you don't want to help me." No matter how stupid she was, she could tell that Joyce refused to help her.

"Sabina, it's not that I don't want to help you. It's useless even if I come." Joyce tried her best to sound as gentle as possible. "I'm there. I don't know what I can do for you!"

"Joyce, come and tell Grandpa Ling that it was you who asked me to find evidence of Shelley's identity, not to go back to the Ling Clan to steal." Sabina continued.

Joyce thought for a while. It was indeed her who asked Sabina to go back to the Ling Clan to find the evidence of the identity of Shelley. But now t

aid that she actually liked him!

The reason why she dated Eddy was that she wanted to be closer to Martin.

When Selina expressed her love, her eyes were as tender as water. She thought her beauty and shyness could make Martin moved.

Because of his family, Martin was in a bad mood at that time. When he saw her, he was even worse, so he said to Selina. "Fuck off!"

Because of his words, Selina cried and ran away with grievance.

Selina cried, which made Eddy feel sorry for her, but Martin didn't care.

Eddy knew that Selina had been wronged by Martin. In his eyes, Selina was perfect and impeccable. No one could let her cry.

After hearing Selina crying out that Martin wanted her to get out, Eddy immediately went back to the dormitory and questioned Martin.

Hearing what Eddy said, Martin's face darkened.

He had known Eddy for a long time and the two of them were good friends. But his friend was not as important as a woman.

It was none of his business that Eddy liked Selina.

"Go and apologize to Selina."

Eddy asked him to apologize.

"Did I do anything wrong?"

Selina confessed her love to him. It was his right to refuse and let her go.

Did he have to accept her as she said she liked him?

In order to vent his anger on his sweetheart, Eddy fought against Martin, and the relationship between the two began to go downhill.

Selina was refused. She also refused Eddy, but Eddy was still chasing after her.

But Selina was a good girl. She brought breakfast to Martin with a smile and bought a birthday gift. On the other hand, she didn't refuse the company of Eddy. She cried in front of him and said her infatuation with him, which made Eddy's heart ache.

In the parking lot, when Martin saw the smile on Joyce's face, he suddenly remembered what happened in the University.

Selina easily destroyed the friendship between him and Eddy.

"Uncle, I haven't seen you for a long time." Joyce said with a smile.

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