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   Chapter 410 Only Use

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Joyce received a photo from Sabina. One was a group photo of Shelley and Grandpa Ling, and the other was a photo of Nelda and Celia.

Compared the two photos, she was sure that Shelley was Nelda.

She was so happy that she received a call from Sabina.

Sabina said that Grandpa Ling wronged her for stealing and wanted to send her to the police station. She hoped that Joyce could go back to Yang City to help her explain to Grandpa Ling.

Joyce wished she could be taken to the police station for a few days. How could she come to Yang City to speak for Sabina.

She replied on WeChat, "Sabina, Grandpa must have scared you. Don't worry. He won't really send you to the police station. "

"I have something to do here and can't leave for the time being. I'll come back to Yang City to see you later. "

Joyce really couldn't leave. How could she leave Jin City after she got such an important clue about the identity of Shelley?

It was difficult to find more powerful evidence, so it was better to use others to deal with Shelley.

By the way, Shelley was Nelda, Joyce's half sister.

However, in Joyce's heart, she had never treated Nelda and Celia as her family members. She wished that she could send Shelley to jail.

Joyce carefully opened the previous newspapers and magazines, knowing that Nelda was sent to prison because of Paul.

She thought of the Tang Clan. If anyone in the whole Jin City wanted Nelda to be in jail, it would be the Tang Clan.

Joyce was happy that she thought of borrowing a knife to kill someone. She went to the shop, developed the photos and immediately sent them to the Tang Clan.

However, the day before yesterday, the Tang Clan had received the photos and known that Nelda was still alive.

As soon as Joyce's photo was handed in, the servant returned it.

"Isn't Mr. Tang here?" Joyce took the photo strangely and asked.

"They said that they had seen this photo and asked me to return it to you."

"What?" Joyce was shocked.

She had found out that it was this lady who didn't get along well with Paul.

But now she was going to stand by and do nothing?

"Then tell lady that Nelda is still alive and she is with Paul." Joyce said to the servant.

The servant had just worked in the Tang Clan for a short time, so she didn't know about Nelda and Paul.

The servant shook her head and said


Then she thought of going to the hotel to find Shelley with her.

Things came to her mind one by one.

She was easily agitated, and when others said it, she would be angry.

Sabina called her, but Joyce didn't answer. She looked at the number on the screen with a sneer.

Sabina treated her as her sister, but she had always treated her as a chess piece.

The third daughter of the Ling Clan was so stupid. How could she deserve the Ling consortium!

In Joyce's opinion, only she could manage the Ling consortium, but Grandpa Ling didn't recognize her as his granddaughter!

The phone quieted down. After thinking for a while, Joyce called back.

When Joyce called back, Sabina happily held her phone and said to Grandpa Ling, "look, Joyce called me."

Sabina began to suspect Joyce, but when the phone call came, her doubts were dispelled.

Hearing that, Olivia's face darkened. As expected, Joyce was as "good at manners" as Selina.

With a smiling face, she kept scheming in her heart.

"Joyce." Sabina called happily.

"Sabina, are you okay?" On the other end of the phone, Joyce pursed her lips and said sarcastically.

She wished that something bad would happen to Sabina and that Sabina would be ruined.

If she was destroyed, so was Shelley and Celia. Grandpa Ling had to take her back to take over the Ling consortium.

This distorted thought grew up in Joyce's heart and rooted in her heart.

She had been feeling unfair all the time. She hated Grandpa Ling's partiality and believed that the Ling consortium should belong to her.

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