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   Chapter 409 True Colors

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"[Shelley is the murderer!"

Sabina's words made Grandpa Ling's face darken.

"Sabina, do you really want Shelley to go to jail after you investigated her identity?"

Hearing Grandpa Ling's question, Sabina was stunned.

She knew that she had to confirm that Shelley was related to Nelda. As for the rest, she hadn't thought about what she wanted Shelley to do.

"Shelley is your sister." Grandpa Ling added.

Lowering her head, Sabina replied softly, "No. I don't want her to be in jail."

Eric looked at his daughter coldly. If Sabina dared to say that she wanted Shelley to be in jail, he would definitely slap her.

"Father, Sabina doesn't mean to harm Shelley." Olivia said for her daughter.

She could tell that both her husband and Grandpa Ling were on the side of Shelley. She didn't want their daughter to say something wrong to piss them off.

"Sabina is not a scheming girl. She is just curious." Seeing that Grandpa Ling didn't say anything, Olivia two followed.

"Curious?" Grandpa Ling sneered and repeated. He walked slowly to Sabina and asked in a low voice, "Sabina, tell me, who instigated you to do this?"

Sabina was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Grandpa Ling in surprise. She didn't believe that Grandpa Ling would find out that Joyce had something to do with it.

She shook her head, thinking that she couldn't betray Joyce.

Now, Eric and Olivia finally understood that Sabina had been used again.

Grandpa Ling glanced coldly at Eric, and then stared at Olivia. "You two are both shrewd people. How could a daughter be so stupid taught by you two!"

Hearing this, Olivia nodded her head involuntarily.

They had to admit that they spoiled Sabina so much that they raised her too stupid.

"Sabina, it was Joyce who asked you to come to the Ling mansion to look for evidence, right?" Grandpa Ling softened his tone and said to Sabina.

As expected by Grandpa Ling, even if Sabina wanted to defend Joyce, she couldn't.

"It's really Joyce!"

As soon as Olivia heard the name, she got angry. She pointed at Sabina's f

for anything. " Looking at Eric, Grandpa Ling asked, "Joyce?"

In fact, Grandpa Ling didn't even want to admit that Joyce's surname was Ling.

"In order to be with Selina, Eddy is willing to leave the Ling Clan as a condition. Since they had left the Ling Clan, they were not members of the Ling Clan. So she can't be counted as the daughter of the Ling Clan! "

Although Grandpa Ling made it clear, Sabina still didn't give up. "Grandpa, no matter what happened, she has the blood of the Joyce. Uncle Eddy was wrong. We can't blame it on Joyce."

Olivia wanted to knock her head open to have a look.

What did Joyce do to make her so obsessed.

"Anyway, Sabina thinks she is a good person." "How about this, Sabina? Let's make a bet," said Grandpa Ling with a smile.

"If she really regards you as her sister, I will take her to the Ling Clan. If she has ulterior motives, you are not allowed to contact her anymore! "

Grandpa Ling thought that he must let Sabina know what kind of person Joyce was. Otherwise, when Sabina entered the Ling consortium in the future, she might bring that person to the management.

By that time, the Ling Clan would be destroyed!

This idea was a good idea. Eric and Olivia nodded in agreement.

They had long wanted their daughter to see the true colors of Joyce!

Now they had come up with a good idea to let Sabina see clearly.

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