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   Chapter 407 Find The Secret

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Hearing Joyce's words, Sabina left Jin City that day.

She wanted to go back to the Ling Clan to find the evidence of Shelley.

Grandpa Ling wondered why she suddenly came back. The first time she came back to Yang City was not to her own home, but to the old house to see him.

Sabina had always been afraid of and revered him, so she had ever visited him in the Ling mansion.


Suppressing the fear in her heart, Sabina said to Grandpa Ling, "I bought you a gift in Jin City."

Hearing this, Grandpa Ling felt warm in his heart.

This granddaughter was the youngest and the most willful one among them.

It was not that Grandpa Ling didn't love her, but that he thought she was spoiled because of Eric and Olivia.

A girl should be spoiled, but couldn't be spoiled too much.

"Okay." Grandpa Ling smiled and accepted the clothes she bought.

He was delighted, wondering why his granddaughter had changed her character and came to the old house to give him gifts.

"Grandpa, can I stay with you for a few days?"

As Sabina said, she sent the gift as Joyce told her to do. She first pleased Grandpa Ling, and then asked if she could stay.

Grandpa Ling didn't answer immediately. He smiled and squinted at Sabina.

When did she become so sensible!

"Grandpa, I was too willful before." Sabina said in a soft voice, "I want to spend more time with you in the Ling mansion, okay?"

"It's rare for you to be so filial." Said Grandpa Ling.

Grandpa Ling had some doubts about Sabina's staying in the Ling mansion, so he asked her to stay and see if she really wanted to be filial to him or had other purposes.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Hearing that Grandpa Ling agreed to let her stay, Sabina breathed a sigh of relief.

She was not good at lying, especially in front of Grandpa Ling.

When Grandpa Ling stared at her with a smile, she was so nervous that cold sweat began to seep from her palms.

"Butler Jay, move lady's things to the guest room." Said Grandpa Ling to Butler Jay.

Before Butler Jay took Sabina to the guest room, she said, "Grandpa, I want to live in the room in your yard. I can learn calligraphy from you when I'm free in the daytime. "

This was really strange!

Sabina was impetuous. Every time he asked her to practice Chinese characters, she would run away.

"Grandpa, you are old. I just want to spend more time w

, and Sabina was the most willful. Celia dared to love and hate, but she had a clear distinction between love and hate.

Sabina, who had always been afraid of him the most, came to the Ling Clan for some other purpose, so when Sabina lived in the house, he asked Butler Jay to keep an eye on her.

When she sneaked into Shelley's room, Butler Jay immediately sent a servant to tell Grandpa Ling.

What was she looking for in Shelley's room?

Guessed Grandpa Ling. When he pushed the door open, he saw the family photo of Shelley and Celia in Sabina's hand.

"No, I want to read a book. I'll go to Shelley's room to see if there is any good books." Sabina lied.

Grandpa Ling had seen through a lot of people. How could he not see through her lie.

"Shelley doesn't have a book here. If you want to read, go to my study." Said Grandpa Ling.

Sabina thought Grandpa Ling believed her, so she said, "yes."

Hearing this, Grandpa Ling said to Butler Jay, "call Eric and ask them to come here!"

Hearing that Grandpa Ling was looking for her parents, Sabina became anxious. She quickly walked up to Grandpa Ling and asked, "Grandpa, why do you call dad and mom here?"

Without replying to her, Grandpa Ling continued to say to Butler Jay, "check if there is anything missing in Shelley's room."

"Okay, Grandpa Ling!" Replied Butler Jay.

Sabina understood what Grandpa Ling meant. Did he suspect her of theft?

Would she steal something from Shelley?

"Grandpa, I didn't steal anything from her!"

"Why did you sneak into Shelley's room? Didn't you steal something?"

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