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   Chapter 400 Good Fortune In Love Affairs

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These two days, Sabina was extremely annoyed. She came here from Yang City to attend Celia's wedding.

What's more, Celia became her cousin.

Thinking of this, Sabina became angrier. After Joyce called her, she rushed out to have dinner with Joyce.

It was not the first time that Olivia and Eric had warned Sabina, but she thought they were too snobbish. They thought that it was because Joyce was not recognized by Grandpa Ling that she was not allowed to have any contact with Joyce.

Taking advantage of the fact that Eric and Olivia had something to deal with in Jin City, she ran out to meet Joyce.

As soon as they arrived at the hotel mentioned by Joyce, Sabina started to talk about the wedding.

"How could Celia be Uncle Eddy's daughter?"

What happened at the wedding was a pain to Joyce. When Sabina mentioned it, the expression on Joyce's face changed.

However, she was good at following Sabina's words. What she could do now was to make Sabina happy.

As Selina said, we can't be too hasty, or we can't do anything well.

"I didn't expect that either." Joyce smiled and said.

"What's more, Grandpa even gave the building to her." The more Sabina said, the angrier she became. She didn't notice the flash of hatred at the corners of Joyce's mouth. Then she continued, "I don't know what grandpa thinks? You are also Uncle Eddy's daughter. Why Grandpa Ling gave the building to Celia. "

"Besides, Celia has been outside for so many years. Uncle Eddy didn't recognize her before. I don't know if she did something to the DNA test on the wedding."

Sabina said these words only because she was angry, not to stimulate Joyce.

However, Joyce didn't think so. She thought that Sabina did it on purpose.

"Okay." Joyce replied indifferently, forgetting why she came to this hotel.

"Joyce, grandpa is so unfair!" Sabina felt sorry for Joyce.

Joyce chuckled, "I have no choice."

Grandpa Ling was nice to Shelley, who had been adopted, and to Celia, who had been away for more than 20 years, except for his granddaughter.

She really didn't understand why Grandpa Ling was so unfair!

Sabina continued to dislike Celia and sympathize with Joyce.

Joyce listened with a smile, but she was so annoyed that she didn't want to hear any more word from Sabina.

If she didn't want to use Sabina to enter the hotel, she actually didn't want to ask Sabina out for dinner.

The two of them were both daughters of the Ling Clan, but Sabina was always superior to her, and she was like Sabina's slave, very humble

l of power holder made many women fall in love with him one after another.

But he seemed to be a playboy, but he was heartless. The women who had a good time could only stay for three days at most. Three days later, they were sent away directly.

With an impatient look in his eyes, Paul stared at Sabina coldly.

"My name is Sabina Ling."

The word "Ling" softened the look on his face. "Ling? Which Ling consortium? "

"The Ling consortium in Yang City." Sabina said her father's name proudly.

On second thought, Paul knew that Sabina was the daughter of Eric, which meant that she was Shelley's cousin now.

Hearing this, Paul reached out his hand and greeted, "Hello, Sabina."

Seeing that, Sabina didn't know if it was for the sake of Shelley that Paul took the initiative to shake hands with her. She was so happy that she turned her head and looked at Joyce complacently.

"Mr. Tang, are you here for dinner?" She said with a smile.

"Yes." He was in a hurry to see Shelley and didn't want to talk to her anymore.

He talked to Sabina absentmindedly, not noticing Joyce behind her.

Thinking of Joyce, Sabina said a few words to Paul and pulled Joyce out. "Mr. Tang, I have something to ask you."

She wanted to ask Paul to take good care of Joyce.

Even though she looked familiar, Paul wouldn't pay too much attention to an irrelevant woman.

Before Sabina could introduce Joyce, Joyce greeted, "Hello, Boss."

"Okay." He remembered that this was the assistant he had just recruited.

"My name is Joyce."

As soon as Joyce finished her words, a voice came from behind her before she could hold Paul's hand.

"Mr. Tang, you are so lucky in love affairs!"

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