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   Chapter 399 Don't Ever Think About It, Mr. Tang

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Hearing that Shelley was leaving Jin City, Terence asked her out.

Strictly speaking, he made an appointment for Paul.

Terence had sent the photo he took for Paul to the periodical office.

It was too late for Paul to stop Terence. In other words, he was conniving at what Terence had done in his heart.

When the newspapers and magazines were all his headlines, he immediately felt regretful and wanted to beat up Terence.

Terence also called Shelley and deliberately told her that Paul hit the headlines.

"What a playboy Uncle Paul is! He was even photographed."

"Will he be afraid of being photographed?" Sneered Shelley.

In the past seven or eight years, Shelley had seen a lot of people hugging Paul. Therefore, it was not strange that Paul hugged another woman after a period of silence.

According to Celia, Paul indulged himself in dissipation all because of Shelley's death.

Now that she was alive, he was still indulged in dissipation, just to find an excuse for playing.

Hearing the displeasure in Shelley's voice on the phone, Terence knew that the image of Paul had been ruined in her heart.

With her personality, she couldn't be stimulated. She would take it seriously.

Although Terence liked Shelley, he was not the kind of person who would pester her.

"He might be framed." Terence felt guilty and spoke for Paul.

"Terence, why do you always speak for him?" Shelley sensed that there was something wrong with his words.

Besides, who dared to frame the ruler of the Tang consortium?

Shelley didn't believe such a lame excuse.

Terence became irritable. As soon as the news of the photo was spread out, he received many calls from Paul.

He didn't even dare to go out of his house now, fearing that he would be beaten up by someone from Paul.

That man was so cruel that he didn't even recognize him.

"Shelley, you will leave in a few days. Let's have dinner together." Said Terence.

Shelley didn't think too much. Although she had broken off the engagement with Terence, Terence was an open-minded man and was not obsessed with love.

After breaking up with Shelley, he was sad for a few days. Then he regained his composure and lived his own life.

"Okay!" Shelley asked him the address.

The Tang consortium.

Paul received a call from Terence. The HR mana

several famous companies. At that time, she thought that she could work in the Ling consortium with her ability and education background. Even Eric thought that she was good, but Grandpa Ling didn't allow her to work there.

No matter how capable she was, Grandpa Ling didn't like her.

On the other hand, Joyce happened to be the classmate of the daughter of the HR manager of the Tang consortium. As soon as she knew this relationship, she immediately called her classmate.

With Selina's education, Joyce had a good relationship with other people.

In addition, the Tang consortium just fired Annie, and Paul was in urgent need of an assistant to help him deal with business. That was why Joyce entered the Tang consortium at the right time.

"I will focus on my work." Joyce replied.

She had seen Paul twice and knew that he was no worse than Carlos. This time, she was not in a hurry to finish her work well.

"That's good." After saying that, the HR Manager reminded him before leaving, "There is someone in his heart. Don't think about anything."

The manager didn't leave until Joyce nodded.

His former assistant had worked for Mr. Tang for so many years and was finally kicked out of the Tang consortium. Many people thought that Paul was a womanizer. There had been a lot of women out there for so many years.

After the incident with Annie, all the female colleagues who had a crush on Paul and took actions were fired. It was not clear to the employees of the Tang consortium that Boss hated women who had a crush on him.

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