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   Chapter 397 Go Back Wherever You Come Back

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The DNA test report of Celia and Eddy on the wedding made Eddy stunned. He didn't dare to believe that it was true, but the data couldn't deceive people.

When they got home, he didn't fall asleep for the whole night.

He couldn't fall asleep because of Celia, and Selina didn't disturb him.

Celia was the daughter of Eddy, which had become a fact. Selina couldn't change the situation, so she could only watch Celia move into the Ling Clan as the second daughter of the Ling Clan and marry into the Gu Clan.

She really didn't expect that Celia was the child at that time. When she first saw Celia, she should have thought that there should be some relationship between them, as Celia looked so similar to Eddy.

If she had known Celia's identity earlier, she wouldn't have been caught off guard. She could only come back in dejection.

Selina came back for Joyce.

After she married Eddy, she had planned to live as a lady, but she didn't expect that Grandpa Ling was so cruel that he not only cut off Eddy's economic source, but also drove them out of the house.

At that time, she had given birth to Joyce. If she left Eddy and took care of Joyce alone, it must be very hard. It was not easy to find a man to marry her.

After thinking it over, she decided to continue to be with Eddy. Grandpa Ling only had two sons. She didn't believe that Grandpa Ling would really abandon his son.

Joyce was in her youth now. She couldn't enjoy the glory and wealth by herself, but she had to fight for the interests of the Ling Clan for Joyce.

She wanted her daughter to marry a rich man and live a noble life.

When Eddy was in a mess because of Celia, Grandpa Ling came.

"When will you divorce her?" Grandpa Ling asked as soon as he entered the room.

Joyce happened to be at home. Hearing this, she was stunned.

"Grandpa Ling, my parents really love each other. Why do you have to separate them?" Joyce said.

Hearing that, Grandpa Ling lowered his voice unhappily. "Shut up!"

Although Joyce was also the daughter of Eddy, Grandpa Ling didn't like her at all. Perhaps she had the blood of Selina.

"Didn't you talk about this with me last time?" Looking at Eddy, Grandpa Ling said indifferently.

Eddy glanced at Selina and thought of the divorce.

In order to get him back to the Ling Clan, Selina suggested that they divorce first to stabilize Grandpa Ling.

Eddy loved Selina and didn't want to divorce. Hearing Grandpa Ling's words, the first thought on his mind was not to divorce. But when he saw the hint in Selina's eyes, he had to say, "Dad, I'm divorced. Do you want me to go back to the Ling Clan?"

With a cold face, Grandpa Ling looked over and said, "after you get divorced, you will naturally go back to the Ling Clan."

Before Eddy could say anything, Grandpa Ling added, "but I have a condition!"

Why did they suddenly want to divorce? How could Grandpa Ling not see through this thought?

a long time, he said.

"It's my fault. I'm sorry for Anna and Celia."

After returning from the wedding, Eddy thought for a whole night and had to admit that Celia was his daughter.

"Dad!" Joyce called her name in panic. She wanted to say more, but was stopped by Selina.

"I hope you will keep your words. If you don't leave, don't blame me for being ruthless." After finishing his words, Grandpa Ling turned around and left.

Looking at Grandpa Ling's arched back, Eddy's eyes were filled with tears.

When he left home more than 20 years ago, Grandpa Ling's back was straight. In the past twenty years, he hadn't fulfilled his responsibility as a son by the side of Grandpa Ling.

"Dad, I'm not with you. Please take good care of yourself."

Grandpa Ling stopped and finally heard a word of conscience from him.

But how could a good son be seduced by a woman!

Selina wanted to force him to give in with the help of Eddy, but she underestimated him!

She also hoped that Eddy could take the mother and daughter as far as possible, so that Celia and Shelley could feel comfortable.

As soon as Grandpa Ling left, Eddy began to sort out the things that had left as if he had promised Grandpa Ling.

Looking at Eddy, who was busy with his stuff, Joyce asked angrily, "why should we leave?"

Selina didn't want to leave either. She preferred to go back to the Ling Clan.

Eddy didn't reply, but entered the room.

Selina walked up to Joyce and whispered, "Joyce, do you want to stay?"


Joyce nodded. She didn't understand. Both of them were Grandpa Ling's granddaughters. Since Sabina and Celia could live such a good life, she had to live a simple life with her parents.

"If you want to stay, just stay. Remember, don't be too anxious. Sometimes it's better to borrow someone else's hand than to do it yourself. " After hearing that, Joyce seemed to think of something and then nodded heavily.

She knew what to do.

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