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   Chapter 395 Prove

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This was the way Eddy addressed Celia. Hearing these two words, Celia's face froze. No one would like this word.

Carlos' face darkened. Bastard? His woman was crowned with this word by his father in front of everyone!

"Eddy, are you not going to admit your daughter?" Carlos said with a smile, but his eyes were as cold as a pool of ice.

Eddy glanced at Carlos and then stared at Celia.

"Are you my daughter?"

Celia looked at him and asked, "what do you think?"

Without saying anything, Eddy followed Celia's words and stared at her.

The first time he saw her, he felt familiar. Where had he met her before.

Now she stood in front of him and said she was his daughter. Eddy saw the familiarity on her face and the resemblance to him, but he was still unwilling to admit it.

He had been deceiving himself for so many years and never wanted to wake up.

"You are not!" Eddy said loudly. When they confronted each other, the guests quieted down and watched the good play.

If Celia wasn't Eddy's daughter, there would be a lot of rumors that were against her in the upper class after tonight's wedding, even if she married Carlos.

For example, in order to hook up with Carlos, she pretended to be the daughter of the Ling Clan.

Carlos didn't mind the gossip, but no one wanted to be framed.

"My daughter is Joyce, not you." Eddy snapped, "You are your mother's child with another man. You are a bastard!"

Eddy said firmly with a cold face.

People in Jin City were not so familiar with the Ling Clan. But they had heard that the young master of the Ling Clan had an ex-wife, who had done something wrong to him and divorced him.

After that, Eddy married his first love whom he hadn't seen for many years. For a long time, in the eyes of outsiders, Eddy had been infatuated with her. His first love had been abroad for many years, but his original intention had never changed.

After saying that, Eddy turned around and walked to Zoe.

"Zoe, I think she should have told you why I divorced your sister."

Zoe clenched her fists and looked at the man in front of her.

She just felt that she hated this man more than before.

Today was the wedding of Celia and Carlos. Grandpa Ling wanted to recognize his granddaughter, but this man slandered his sister and called his own daughter a bastard for the sake of his beloved wife and daughter!

Thinking of this, Zoe sneered.

"Didn't you kick my sister and my two nieces out of the house in order to marry your beloved woman?"

Zoe felt sorry for her sister.


"Humph! Since she is dead, you can deny it," said Eddy with a grim face.

Zoe looked at the angry man and shook her head.

How shameless he was.

He trusted Selina and her daughter so much that he didn't believe Celia was his biological daughter?

Seeing that, Celia couldn't help but feel indignant.

Just because of the DNA report, he denied that she was his daughter.

But at the fir

on as Selina finished her words, Eddy thought of the picture on his phone. He took out his phone in a hurry, and as soon as he took it out of his pocket, it fell to the ground.

He picked up the phone and handed the picture to Celia.

"Here is the DNA test result of you and me." He held the phone tightly. "Are you my daughter?"

The result of the DNA showed that they were not father and daughter.

Holding Celia's hands, Carlos heard that Eddy took out the evidence more than 20 years ago, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth.

Didn't he know? On today's big day, when Grandpa Ling wanted to accept Celia, Carlos was sure that it would be proved!

But Eddy unexpectedly opposed.

He really wanted to end this matter!

"Mr. Ling, you are so considerate. The evidence of more than 20 years ago has been preserved till now." Carlos smiled faintly.

Eddy, today is my big day."

Hearing this, Eddy lowered his head with hesitation. He felt a little guilty. Anyway, today was a big day for Celia and Carlos. He was too impulsive. Even if Celia was not his daughter, it could be said after the wedding.

He didn't want to say anything more, but Carlos and Celia didn't want to end here.

"Mr. Ling, what a coincidence. We also have a DNA test report in our hands."

With that, Carlos nodded at Grandpa Ling on the stage.

After a while, a photo popped up on the big screen. It was a DNA test.

The test result was Eddy and Celia.

The final result was completely different from what Eddy had. On the contrary, Celia and he were father and daughter.

Hearing that, Eddy's face turned pale. He took a step back in disbelief and asked, "how could it be?"

He looked at the test report in his hand in disbelief and then looked at the one on the screen.

"Don't doubt it. I did test your blood." Carlos said indifferently.

Eddy looked at Grandpa Ling on the stage, who was looking at him coldly.

There was indeed his blood sample in the Ling Clan.

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