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   Chapter 394 Disappointing Father

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Was it because Grandpa Ling had known Celia's identity that he wanted to recognize her at his birthday party and give her the building?

But later, both Carlos and Celia left, so they didn't announce it at last.

At that time, both she and Eddy thought that Grandpa Ling recognized Joyce, but in fact, it was Celia!

Selina connected all the clues together and was more and more sure that Grandpa Ling knew that Celia was the daughter of Anna.

Thinking of this, she entered the banquet hall with Dale. In the banquet hall, Selina looked at the president's seat. As she guessed, Grandpa Ling was sitting on the main seat.

"Why are you here?" Selina didn't directly say that Grandpa Ling was at the banquet, but mentioned that Eric was also there.

If he didn't see Zoe, Eddy thought that the reason why Eric came here was because of Carlos.

"They are not the only ones from the Ling Clan." Eddy looked around the banquet hall. In the huge hall, he not only saw his brother Eric, but also many members of the Ling Clan or relatives.

The Gu Clan wouldn't have invited so many Ling Clan people. It seemed that the banquet was more likely to be held together with the Ling Clan and the Gu Clan.

Eddy thought of something and looked into Grandpa Ling's eyes.

With a straight face, Grandpa Ling looked at Eddy with warning in his eyes.

"Grandpa Ling knows that that daughter isn't yours. Why does he still want to take her back to the Ling Clan?" Selina said unhappily.

The Gu Clan, the Ling Clan and their relatives came to the wedding. It was obvious that Grandpa Ling wanted to recognize Celia back at the wedding!

"Humph!" Eddy sneered.

"Poor Joyce!" As Selina spoke, she grabbed Joyce's hand.

Joyce couldn't understand the conversation between Selina and Eddy, but something was wrong after they came in.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Joyce asked. She felt that it had something to do with Celia.

"Joyce, it's all my fault!" Looking at Joyce, Selina burst into tears again. "Grandpa Ling would rather have another woman's daughter than admit that you are his granddaughter."

The more Joyce listened, the more confused she became. She wanted to ask more, but she heard Eddy say in a cold voice, "I won't admit this daughter!"

"Eddy, what's the use of denying it? It's good that Grandpa Ling recognizes her. I'm afraid that she will also be given the building. " Selina said in a low voice.

The building?

Joyce seemed to understand what she meant. "Mom, who are you talking about?"

"Celia!" Selina answered in a low voice.

"You are your father's daughter. Grandpa Ling has to give the building to an outsider." Selina said unhappily.

"Celia should be the second daughter of Anna! Your father divorced her because this daughter was not your father's. "

"What?" Joyce replied in surprise. She knew who Anna was. She was surprised that Celia was the daughter of that woman, and that Grandpa Ling was going to give the building to Celia.

Joyce turned her head to look at the wedding photos of Celia and Carlos hanging around the banquet hall. In the wedding photos, Celia held Carlos' neck and smiled happily.

She was so lucky to marry Carlos, and now Grandpa Ling still wanted to take her back to the Ling Clan!

When Joyce thought of this, a hint of cruelty flashed across her eyes and a sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth.

"Dad, mom, I'm a little bored. Let's go for a walk." Joyce pulled a long face, l

f Anna, who was kicked out of the Ling Clan.

"She is Eddy's daughter." Olivia was still making trouble, and Eric Ling took it over in a low voice.

On the stage, Grandpa Ling listened to the discussion with a smile. "Please don't talk about it anymore. Celia is not an illegitimate daughter, or the daughter of my illegitimate child."

As soon as he finished speaking, there was laughter from below.

Grandpa Ling stopped smiling and said, "she is the real second granddaughter of the Ling Clan!"

"Last time I said something at my birthday party. In the past more than 20 years, I felt very sorry for my granddaughter and wanted to give the building to her to make up for my debts. This granddaughter is Celia! "

"I'm very happy to find my granddaughter after more than 20 years." Grandpa Ling stood on the stage and said excitedly.

Under the stage, Eddy couldn't stand it anymore. He saw that his wife and daughter looked pale.

This child was not his. She couldn't get anything from the Ling Clan!

Eddy stood up and walked to the stage. When he walked to the stage, he looked up at Grandpa Ling on the stage, and then looked at Celia over there. He asked coldly, "Dad, are you sure she is your granddaughter?"

Eddy's sudden voice was as expected by Carlos and Celia.

Eddy loved Selina so much that he only admitted that Joyce was his daughter. How could he be willing to give the Ling Clan's property to this "outsider".

Seeing Eddy come out, Grandpa Ling's face darkened. Today, he had been thinking that if Eddy accepted Celia as his daughter, he would give Eddy a sum of money to make him live a comfortable life.

But what he did next disappointed Grandpa Ling more.

"Eddy, she is indeed my granddaughter." Grandpa Ling looked into his questioning eyes and said affirmatively.

Eddy sneered, "Dad, if I'm not wrong, you think she's my daughter!"

Hardly had his voice faded away, the banquet began to whisper again.

What? Celia is the daughter of the young master of the Ling Clan?

"Yes, Eddy. Celia is your daughter!" Grandpa Ling said calmly.

He didn't want Eddy to question Celia's identity, which made him more disappointed in his son.

"Ha ha." Eddy sneered with disdain. He turned to look at Celia and said sarcastically, "a bastard deserves to be my daughter?"

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