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   Chapter 393 You Look The Best Today!

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When Paul walked out of the restaurant, he saw that Shelley got on Terence's car.

Paul stood at the entrance of the hotel, took out a cigarette and smoked.

When the car drove away, Shelley felt that someone was looking at her. She turned her head and saw Paul smoking at the gate.

She had seen him smoking for two times.

He used to frown when he smelled smoke and said he hated the smell of smoke the most.

According to Celia, Paul smoked very hard, one after another, more than Carlos.

He was not only smoking, but also playing with women. He had many covers on those magazines and newspapers, and every time he had a cover, his woman was different.

Thinking of this, Shelley stopped looking at Paul who was smoking and asked Terence to drive away quickly.

She would leave Jin City after Celia and Carlos finished their wedding.

"Sister, is it beautiful?"

Shelley put on makeup for Celia, who was wearing a wedding dress. After that, Celia stood up and asked Shelley with a smile.

"It looks good!"

"You look the best today!" Shelley said with a smile.

She came here early in the morning to dress up with Celia.

She put on her sister's makeup bit by bit, frowned and looked at the beautiful bride in the mirror, with a satisfied smile in her eyes.

Wearing a wedding dress and looking at the smile on Shelley's face, Celia suddenly thought of the former Shelley.

Carlos told her that Shelley was taken away at the wedding.

Now that she had put on the wedding dress and was pregnant with little babies, and her sister's matter had not been settled, Celia was not happy.

"Sister, when you get married, I will be your bridesmaid." She hugged Shelley and said.

"Silly girl, you are married and have babies. How can you be my Bridesmaid?"

"I don't care about that. I want to be your bridesmaid." Celia said willfully. "Otherwise, we won't hold today's wedding. We'll hold it together after you get married."

Of course, Shelley knew what Celia was thinking. The smile at the corners of her mouth faded a little and she patted her sister on the back.

"Little fool, if you run away today, Carlos will go crazy."

"I don't know when I will get married, so you have to marry Carlos obediently today."

Hearing that, Celia felt sad as Shelley's voice faded away.

She didn't reply. After a while, something occurred to her. "Sister, don't go to the hotel."

"There are too many people. I'm afraid tha

d to think of something. No wonder she felt familiar with Celia the first time she saw her.


Celia didn't look like Zoe and Anna, but like Eddy.

At the thought of this, Selina panicked. She grabbed the hand of the other man and said, "Eddy, I didn't expect that Celia is Zoe's niece. They look exactly like each other."

As Selina spoke, she stared at Eddy tightly, fearing that Eddy would think that he was the one who looked like Celia.

"Yes!" Eddy replied in a low voice and looked at Celia again.

He didn't expect that the bastard was still alive!

"Dad, mom, do you know Celia's aunt?" Joyce asked as she noticed the weird relationship between Eddy and Zoe.

"Yes." Selina said to Joyce with a smile. When she was about to tell her the identity of Zoe, Eddy, who was standing next to her, pulled a long face and walked forward alone.

Selina hurried to follow them. She suddenly felt something was wrong with today's wedding.

Since they were invited, and Grandpa Ling would also be there, then Grandpa Ling would definitely see Zoe and Celia.

She remembered that at Grandpa Ling's birthday party last time, Grandpa Ling announced that he would give the building to his second granddaughter.

At that time, both she and Grandpa Ling thought that Grandpa Ling had admitted that Joyce was a member of the Ling Clan, but they didn't expect that Grandpa Ling would say that he didn't recognize Eddy in front of so many people, let alone that Joyce was his granddaughter.

Then who did Grandpa Ling want to give the building to?

Yes, at the banquet that day, Celia and Carlos were also present!

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