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   Chapter 391 Be The Second Daughter Of The Ling Clan

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It was not difficult for Carlos to find a person in Jin City.

When Joyce worked in the Gu consortium, her current address was on her resume.

Celia was still a little depressed. She suddenly wanted to see Eddy, but she regretted when she saw him.

At the gate of the community where Eddy lived, Celia and Carlos, who were sitting in the car, saw Eddy and Selina.

It seemed that they had come back from the hospital. With one hand holding the medicine and the other hand patting Selina who had a slight cough.

Selina didn't look well, but her cough made Eddy worried.

Celia couldn't help thinking of her sister and what Grandpa Ling had said in the Gu Clan.

How fragile her mother was at that time, but even so, she was still driven out of the house!

She and her sister had no father since childhood, and even when they were sick, no one accompanied them. The funny thing was that she still thought that it would be better if her father was there.

It turned out that her father had never admitted that she was his daughter!

"Carlos, please invite them to our wedding!"

Celia didn't get off the car. Looking at Eddy and Selina who were walking into the community, she turned to Carlos and said.

Seeing that she was reluctant, Carlos held her in his arms. "That's good."

'Silly girl, you can cry if you want. It's more painful to bear it. '.

At the dinner party in the evening, Celia and Carlos went there on time, not affected by her family background.

Knowing that Celia's aunt was still alive, Grandma Gu was gratified. Grandpa Ling also came.

Since he was the grandfather of Celia, there was no reason for the Gu Clan to drive him away.

Yesterday, when Celia heard the truth, she ran out of the Gu Clan. Today, she didn't seem to mind having dinner with Grandpa Ling. In everyone's eyes, she indirectly admitted her relationship with the Ling Clan.

Grandpa Ling thought so. He was very happy. He didn't expect that his granddaughter would accept him as a member of the Ling Clan so soon.

But Grandpa Ling had gone through a lot of things. The more smooth the matter was, the more he felt that his granddaughter was not just asking him to have dinner and discuss the wedding with the Gu Clan.

At the dinner table, Grandpa Ling saw Zoe. The two of them had met before, so they were not surprised at each other.

Zoe couldn't blame Grandpa Ling for telling Celia the identity of her. Grandpa Ling was in a hurry to recognize Celia because he wanted her to live a better life in the Gu Clan.

Carlos loved Celia. Grandma Gu and Mr. G

s a father, he should also admit it!"

But she would never recognize that father!

"Indeed, Celia is the second daughter of the Ling Clan. We can't bear the curse of illegitimate daughter. That name should belong to someone else! "

Carlos continued to shell shrimps for his beloved woman. He smiled, but felt sorry for his beloved woman in his heart.

After knowing the identity of Celia, he specially asked Boris to investigate what happened that year.

What's more, the two sisters lived together with Anna and Anna's death.

His mother-in-law really had a hard time!

Therefore, even if Celia didn't do that today, he wouldn't let that family go easily!

All the people present understood what Carlos meant.

It was not that Celia wanted to go back to the Ling Clan, but that she wanted to use the Ling Clan to attack Eddy and Selina.


They didn't expect that Grandpa Ling would agree at last with a smile on his face.

The smile made Celia stunned. Shouldn't Grandpa Ling be angry that she took revenge on his son?

"This is my girl!" Grandpa Ling said happily.

Grandpa Ling had been in the business world for many years. He was always efficient and decisive. But Eddy was a coward and incompetent man. Grandpa Ling didn't expect that his granddaughter, who looked soft, was smart and decisive.

"Celia, it doesn't matter if you don't recognize me as your grandfather, but I will hold your wedding well! This is a big gift from grandpa! " Grandpa Ling said seriously with a faint smile on his face.

Looking at the wrinkles on Grandpa Ling's face and grey hair, Celia remembered what her sister had said.

Grandpa Ling wanted to take her back to the Ling Clan before he died.

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