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   Chapter 389 Celia Is My Granddaughter

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Mr. Gu didn't answer Grandpa Ling's words. He knew that Grandpa Ling must have opposed at that time.

"Although Anna gave birth to a daughter at that time, Nelda was cute and sensible. Both my wife and I liked her very much. Later, Anna got pregnant again. I hoped that it was a boy. If it was a girl, it didn't matter. As long as the family was harmonious."

Recalling the past, Grandpa Ling felt very distressed.

At that time, Eddy held Selina's hand and came to him. In front of Anna, he said that Selina had a child and asked Anna to quit!

It was ridiculous. At that time, Anna was also pregnant.

How could Grandpa Ling compromise to fulfill his wish?

At that time, Eddy drove the woman out of the house.

Grandpa Ling still remembered what he said to Eddy at that time. "Eddy, that woman is pregnant with a child, so is Anna!"

Eddy shook his head and said, "it's different."

"Dad, I always love Selina. She has my child. I can't let her down. "

Eddy didn't want to fail his love, but he had to fail his responsibility!

Hearing that, Grandpa Ling was so angry that he fell ill and claimed to cut off the relationship with this bastard.

Eddy said he didn't love her and get rid of his responsibility and divorce Anna.

"I divorced Anna. The Ling Clan gave her a large sum of money. If Selina doesn't marry me, she will lose everything. She will die." Eddy knelt down in front of Grandpa Ling and begged him.

Hearing those words, Grandpa Ling only felt that they were ridiculous. Grandpa Ling's wife kept comforting him. When Anna heard this, her face turned pale and she stood there trembling.

Grandpa Ling had always thought that his son was weak and didn't like to fight, but the Ling Clan didn't lack money. He could afford to raise his son at home for the rest of his life.

He didn't expect that his son would marry Selina.

Grandpa Ling didn't agree with this matter. He even cut off the economic source of Eddy and forced him to go back to Anna.

He did come back, but his heart was still on the woman outside.

Grandpa Ling had looked for Selina.

A woman with a big belly knelt down in front of him in front of the people of the coffee shop pitifully. From this point, it could be seen that this woman was very scheming.

If it weren't for the fact that Eddy came later, Grandpa Ling would have sent Selina to the hospital and had an abortion.

"If I had been more cruel and aborted her child, I wouldn't have harmed Anna and her daughter."

Grandpa Ling said guiltily.

The woman had a chance to take advantage of Grandpa Ling's momentary tenderness.

Grandma Gu and Mr. Gu listened quietly to what Grandpa Ling said. They could feel that what he wanted to say next was what he wanted to say.

"Not long after, Anna gave birth to a daughter. Eddy liked her very much and came back to play w

r, his heart ached as if it was pricked by a needle. The Ling Clan owed Celia more than money.

"Carlos!" Mr. Gu scolded, "Eddy is Eddy. It's not Grandpa Ling's fault."

Carlos smiled, "Celia won't go back to the Ling Clan. She is my wife!"

After saying that, he turned around and left the Gu Clan to chase after Celia.

He had thought that Celia was the daughter of the Ling Clan, but he didn't dare to think that Celia was Eddy's daughter. He thought she was the daughter of Grandpa Ling's illegitimate child.

He would rather Celia was an illegitimate daughter than Eddy's daughter!

However, regardless of age or appearance, there was no way to deny that Celia was Eddy's daughter!

Hearing her identity and finding her father, Celia felt sad and wanted to cry.

She ran all the way out of the house, got in the car and left.

When she was in England, she had asked grandma about her parents.

Although it seemed that the grandma might not be her own grandma, her grandma really loved her at that time.

Grandma said that Celia's parents were dead.

Then Celia asked what kind of person her mother was? What about her father? Did they love her?

Grandma told Celia with a smile that they were all good people and loved her very much!

But now it seemed that everything was a lie.

Her father was someone else's. He had never loved her since she was born!

Suddenly, some fragments flashed through Celia's mind.

She was young, and there was a girl next to her, who seemed to be... Shelley.

Her sister!

"Sister, if dad is still alive, he will buy us ice cream like other dads, right?"

However, the expectant words of her were exchanged with the cold words of her sister. "He won't. He doesn't like us either!"

Then she cried, very sad.

Celia's head ached so much that she held her head with both hands and kept shaking her head.

"No, no, he is not..."

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