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   Chapter 387 He Only Has One Wish

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Eddy didn't sleep well last night. He felt uncomfortable when he thought that Grandpa Ling might give the building to that bastard.

He was looking for his Grandpa Ling, and Joyce said she would accompany him.

The two of them arrived at Grandpa Ling's villa by car and saw Paul coming out.

They knew Paul.

Even the ruler of the Tang Clan hadn't seen anyone before, he had read it on the magazine. Besides, Joyce had applied for a job in Tang consortium.

Paul cast a cold glance at Eddy and his daughter. He didn't care who they were.

At the banquet last night, Paul looked at Shelley. Seeing the nervousness in Carlos and Celia's eyes, they all told Joyce that there was something fishy between Paul and Shelley.

Thinking of this, Joyce took the initiative to greet him.

"Mr. Tang!"

When Paul was about to get in the car, he took a look at Joyce, who was smiling.

"My name is Joyce. Mr. Tang, are you here to visit Sister Shelley?"

Normally, she wouldn't call Shelley sister.

She said that on purpose. She was kicked out of the Gu consortium by Carlos, and she hadn't found a job yet. It would be nice if she could work in the Tang consortium.

Hearing the name of Shelley, Paul was stunned, but his eyes were attracted by the man behind Joyce.

This man looked familiar!

Ignoring her, Paul got in the car and left.

Joyce stood there awkwardly. Paul left without saying a word to herself. Paul looked at Shelley affectionately last night.

Grandpa Ling was tired of his son. When he heard that Eddy came, he asked his men to drive him away.

Grandpa Ling had guessed why he came to him. It must be about the building.

It seemed that he had to recognize Celia as soon as possible and give the building to her.

After being shut out, Eddy and Joyce had to go back. Before leaving, he asked Butler Jay to bring a message to Grandpa Ling.

"The young master said if he divorces Selina, will you agree to let him go back to the Ling Clan?"

Hearing this, Shelley was stunned.

He would divorce that woman?

If he could, he wouldn't have abandoned his family and daughter for so many years.

"Shelley doesn't believe it. Do you think I will believe it?" Noticing the confusion in Shelley's eyes, Grandpa Ling said to Butler Jay with a sneer.

After dinner, Carlos looked up at his watch, stood up and took Celia to the living room.

When he came back today, Celia felt that he was a little strange.

"Watch TV?"

Carlos dragged her here to watch TV, not the financial channel he usually watched, but the local entertainment program.

Something was wrong with Carlos.

"Sit down!" Carlos said in a low voice. He clenched his fists and secretly touched his trousers pocket, feeling a little nervous.

On the other side, Eugene also followed t

little unhappy.

"I just want to give you a wedding!"

He wanted to give her a grand wedding just because he cared too much about her.

With these words, Carlos pulled a long face and directly picked up Celia.

"Carlos, what are you doing?"

Being held up all of a sudden, Celia panicked.

"If you don't hold the wedding ceremony, I will throw you down the stairs!"

Carlos threatened and quickly carried her to the second floor.

He was about to throw her downstairs, but he held her firmly. Celia didn't shout. She nestled in his arms and listened to his heartbeat.

When he walked to the second floor, there was a loud noise outside. Then the room was lit up, and there was fireworks in the night sky outside.

Looking up at the colorful fireworks in the sky, Celia was put down by Carlos.

"I haven't officially proposed to you since we got married. Celia, do you want me to kneel on one knee?" Carlos stared at her and asked.

Before Celia could reply, he had already knelt down in front of her with the ring in his hand.

"Celia, let's get married!"

Celia didn't expect that he would do this.

The fireworks in the air were her favorite scene. Last time, Carlos set fireworks for her for the whole night. At that time, they were not reconciled.

"Celia, I love you!" At that time, he held her and repeated the words in her ear over and over again.

This time, he proposed and set fireworks for her.

"Celia, there was a boy who fell in love with a little girl at the age of ten. In the next twenty years, he did anything for one thing!"

"All he has done is to protect her as soon as possible!"

"For so many years, he has only one thought and one sentence, 'Celia, marry me and be my wife!"

His proposal was not romantic, and his words were not very touching. Celia's eyes turned red when she heard the first sentence.

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