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   Chapter 386 Tyrant

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As Carlos spoke, he also waved his fist at Paul.

The two men were still talking just now, and now they began to fight.

Because of the fact that Nelda didn't love him, and he was annoyed by the fact that Carlos had lied to him, Paul had hit him hard.

Carlos felt guilty for cheating Paul, so he didn't fight back when Paul hit him for the first time.

He didn't mind to practice hard with him to make him cool down.

Terence didn't go in to help Carlos. Instead, he picked up his coat and walked out of the room. He had to go to see Shelley first.

When Carlos came back, his face was covered with bruises. Before he came back, Celia had known that her sister had returned to the Ling Clan, but she was also a little strange to see the wound on his face.

"You have a fight with Paul."

There was only one possibility.

Celia found a medicine box and helped him deal with the bruises on his face.

"You can't defeat him."

Seeing the wounds on Carlos' face, Celia said.

As soon as she finished speaking, Carlos' eyes turned cold and said unhappily, "he is more miserable than me!"

Saying that he couldn't defeat Paul? What a joke.

But that guy was so cruel that he hit him in the face specially.

Hearing the childish answer of Carlos, Celia pursed her lips and laugh, "yes, you are much more capable than him."

After the joke, Celia sighed. She had just seen her sister. Not long after, her sister was taken away by Paul, which made her worried.

"Celia, we can't interfere too much in their business." Carlos said lightly.

"It's not up to the outsiders."

Celia was clear about this, but anyway, it was her sister.

Seeing that Carlos was so serious, Celia pretended to agree first. If Paul bullied her sister again in the future, she would not leave her alone.

Eddy and his family came back from the banquet.

Selina and Joyce had dressed up carefully when they came, but now the two of them were in a mess.

The pearl necklace that Selina wore was taken back, and the ring in her hand was almost taken away. Back in the rented house, Selina couldn't bear it anymore and cried.

In the past few years, she had lived a plain life abroad, but she was spoiled by Eddy. After returning home, although she was not liked by Grandpa Ling, she had enjoyed a great reputation in Jin City with the title of the first lady of the Ling Clan. She had never been wronged today.

Thinking of this, Selina cried more bitterly. Eddy felt sorry for her when he saw her crying.

Selina knew Eddy very well. As long as he saw her crying, he would definitely feel sorry for her.

"Selina, it's all my fault." He coaxed as he apologized.

Selina's crying reminded Joyce of what had happened at the banquet.

She had tho

agree to marry my granddaughter to you."

The Tang Clan was a complicated family. Not to mention what the Tang Clan had done to his granddaughter, the Tang Clan was not peaceful now. Although it seemed to be peaceful now, the internal strife between them had never stopped.

What his granddaughter wanted was a peaceful and simple family!

"You will." With a faint smile, Paul sat down on the sofa.

After saying that, he repeated seriously, "Grandpa, you will agree."

He came here to tell Grandpa Ling not to marry his woman to Terence, knowing that he couldn't see Shelley today.

"Grandpa, if you marry Nelda to the Su Clan, you will hurt her and the Su Clan!"

"Are you threatening me?" Grandpa Ling asked coldly.

"Yes, sir." "If you don't believe me, you can have a try."

His attitude was so arrogant that he didn't take Grandpa Ling seriously, which made Grandpa Ling's face turn cold.

Grandpa Ling could feel that it was not easy to deal with Paul!

He should have asked Shelley and Terence to get the marriage license yesterday!

"Okay, I'll give it a try." Grandpa Ling said.

With a smile, Paul stood up and said, "Grandpa, I'll come to see you tomorrow."

Seeing his leave, Grandpa Ling was so angry that he wanted to smash his crutch at Paul.

Gloomy, cruel and arrogant, this was Paul in Grandpa Ling's heart.

When Paul arrived, Shelley was standing on the stairs and listening.

When she went downstairs, Grandpa Ling said angrily to her, "I'll marry you to Terence tomorrow. Let's see what he can do."

Shelley shook her head when she heard Grandpa Ling's angry words. It had been ten years since they last met.

In the past, Paul was a gentle man. He would never say anything that irritated others. Moreover, his aura was completely different, giving people a feeling of a tyrant.

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