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   Chapter 380 He Is Coming!

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Celia and Shelley... They were so alike!

Not only Shelley, but also...

He stared at the smile at the corners of Celia's mouth and pursed his lips. He suddenly thought of something.

When her mother was alive, she often pursed her lips and smiled. Her smile was dignified and elegant, making people feel very comfortable.

"She will be here soon." "Don't worry. Shelley will come," Grandpa Ling replied to Celia.

Hearing the tone of Grandpa Ling, he knew that Celia was waiting for Shelley.

"Terence insisted on accompanying Shelley. I'm afraid she went to the Su Clan to pick up Mr. Su and Mrs. Su first." Grandpa Ling added.

"Terence?" Grandpa Ling's words surprised Celia.

"Yes. Terence is a good boy and treats Shelley very well. " Grandpa Ling replied with a smile.

Celia turned to look at Carlos and asked Carlos to confirm the truth.

Terence was younger than Shelley, and he knew Paul.

"Yes." Carlos nodded.

Celia was a little annoyed and secretly pinched Carlos' arm.

Why didn't he tell her about his sister and Terence?

If Paul knew that his sister was with Terence, the consequences would be...

Celia thought things would be in a mess.

Looking at the intimacy between Grandpa Ling and Celia, Joyce said to Sabina with a smile.

"Grandpa Ling is really special to Celia."

Joyce's words made Sabina snort.

"Who the hell is she, Celia? Can she compete with me?" Sabina said angrily. She looked around and saw that Carlos held Celia's hand and looked at her dotingly.

"Alas, I don't know what kind of life she is. So many people love her." Joyce sighed again.

Every word she said was directed at Celia, which was not what Sabina liked to hear.

After chatting with Grandpa Ling for a while, Carlos and Celia took her hand to the side of the banquet hall.

As soon as Celia turned around, she saw a woman standing in front of her with a smile.

Looking at each other, Celia suddenly had an impulse. Her eyes turned red, her hands clenched, and she even moved a step.

It couldn't be wrong.

She was Shelley, Nelda and her sister!

She really wanted to go forward and call her sister...

But she couldn't move any more.

Not only because Carlos stopped her, but also because of her own psychological reasons.

She was at a loss and couldn't face it.

"Her identity can't be exposed here."

Carlos whispered in her ear.

After saying that, he dragged the stunned Celia slowly forward.

"Miss Ling."

A smile appeared on Shelley's face, but her eyes were already red.

Walking up to Shelley, Shelley's smile came into Celia's eyes.

Although she didn't remember, such a gentle smile was like a spring breeze, gradually overlapping a certain fragment in her mind.


So, as Terence said, they gave each other a chance.

But when they just got along with each other, Grandpa Ling suddenly announced their engagement, which surprised Shelley.

Her mind was in a mess and she could only passively accept Grandpa Ling's arrangement.

Before Shelley opened her mouth, Grandpa Ling took her hand and said.

"Shelley, Terence really loves you. I'm relieved to have you with such a good man."

Grandpa Ling suddenly announced the engagement of Terence and Shelley. He didn't want Shelley to hesitate any longer.

For the sake of Paul, she had been locked up in the Ling mansion for ten years. Women's youth was too limited. Moreover, before announcing their engagement, Grandpa Ling had asked Terence.

Terence didn't object. Instead, he promised him that he would take good care of Shelley.

That was why Grandpa Ling wanted to settle the matter between the two of them as soon as possible.

"Terence, Shelley is so happy. You take her out first." Grandpa Ling pushed away Shelley's hand and said to Terence.

Terence nodded. He ran to the stage and whispered in Shelley's ear, "Shelley, let's talk about it later."

Shelley really couldn't say anything on this occasion.

But the engagement came so suddenly that she was not prepared at all.

When the two of them stepped down the platform, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open. The people who came in looked at Shelley and Terence who were stepping down the platform.

Holding the hands of Shelley, Terence and Shelley stepped down the stage like lovers.

When Shelley came down, she suddenly felt someone staring at her. She raised her head and saw a pair of eyes in the crowd.

His eyes were full of surprise and anger, and all kinds of emotions were hidden in them, which made her tremble with fear.

He is coming!

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