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   Chapter 379 Meeting Sisters

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Early in the morning, Carlos, who was sleeping, was disturbed by the sound beside his ear. He lazily called, "Celia, don't be naughty."

He reached out and tried to hold Celia in his arms.

However, the thing in his arms was fluffy.

With two "woof" sounds, Carlos suddenly woke up. He opened his eyes and saw Eugene opening her mouth at him.

With a cold face, Carlos got out of bed.

"Eugene, you have forgotten what I said!"

Although he doted on Eugene, he didn't allow Eugene to sleep with Celia.

Eugene shook her tail and looked at the serious Carlos. At last, she had to walk away pitifully.

Carlos looked at Eugene and then looked at the watch on the cabinet. It was only seven o'clock.

At this time, Celia used to be sleeping. What happened today? As soon as he woke up, she was not beside him, but a dog in his arms.

After Carlos put on his clothes and walked out of the room, Eugene was also a dog who could see the expression on his face. When Carlos came out, she quickly hid away.

When Carlos went downstairs, he saw that Celia was dressed very well in a long dress.

"Carlos, when are we going to the Ling Clan?"

Seeing Carlos, Celia asked in a hurry.

Carlos was stunned and then realized that she got up early and dressed up to meet Shelley in the Shelley.

"I thought you were going to meet your lover with such beautiful clothes." Carlos walked up to her, held her in his arms and said with a smile, "I was thinking of a way to kill you."

Carlos teased. Celia glared at him.

"Nonsense!" She said with a smile, "if you don't treat me well one day, or if you have another woman outside, I will definitely find a lover."

After Celia finished her words, Carlos' face darkened. "How dare you!"

"Ha ha." Seeing that he took it seriously, Celia smiled happily.

"By the way, when shall we leave?" She asked.

"Don't worry about the party tonight."

Hearing this, Celia remembered the time on the invitation. She lowered her head and looked at her clothes.

Since she knew her sister was alive last night, she had been thinking about going to the Ling Clan as soon as possible, so she woke up early today.

Celia couldn't help but sigh. She felt that today would be a long day.

"Don't be afraid to go in when you really arrive at the gate of the Ling Clan."

Carlos touched her nose and teased her when he thought of what happened in Yang City last time.

Celia didn't retort. She was in a really conflicted mood now.

The plane landed at the private airport. Someone had been waiting for the people inside.

When the man came out, his handsome face looked very haggard, and his chin had stubble because of lack of sleep.

"Mr. Tang."

The Secretary greeted Paul, bending over.

"Go back to the Tang consortium." Said Paul flatly.

He had been looking for Nelda outside for a month. From Yang City, he had been abroad according to the news given by Carlos. However, every time he found a place, he would lose contact with her.

This made Paul doubt whether the information given by Carlos was wrong?

He had nothing to do but come back!

"What happened to Jin City recently?" In the car, lying in the back seat, he asked his secretary with his eyes half open.

"Nothing." The Secretary thought for a while and

eing held by Joyce.

Obviously, Joyce was holding Sabina in her arms, but secretly using her as a pawn.

Olivia thought that both she and Eric were smart people. How could they have such a stupid daughter.

Sabina stood aside, feeling bored. She didn't want to attend Grandpa Ling's birthday party at all.

Grandpa Ling always scolded her, first for Shelley, and then for Celia.

After all, Shelley was the granddaughter adopted by Grandpa Ling. But Celia had nothing to do with the Ling Clan, and Grandpa Ling protected her. Sabina felt uncomfortable at the thought of it.

When Joyce arrived at the banquet, she saw Sabina a long time ago. She came to greet Sabina.

"Sabina, why are you here alone?"

Sabina remembered what her mother had told her that Grandpa Ling didn't like Joyce and asked her to stay away from her.

Therefore, when Joyce greeted her, Sabina turned around and was about to leave.

"Sabina, look! Is that Celia?"

Hearing the name of Celia, Sabina turned around and followed the direction she pointed. She really saw Celia and Carlos standing together.

Moreover, Grandpa Ling went to receive them in person.

"Celia and Carlos are going to have a wedding." Joyce said casually.

Sabina felt a little sad. Carlos was the first man she took the initiative to fall in love with, though not to a certain extent. But Carlos didn't care about her at all. She could remember his attitude for a long time.

"I heard that when you quarreled with Celia in the shopping mall last time, Grandpa saw that he helped her and drove you home."

Speaking of this, Sabina held the glass more tightly.

Joyce pursed her lips and looked at her with a smile.

After chatting with Grandpa Ling for a while, Celia stood absent mindedly. She looked around, hoping to find Shelley.

But she glanced at the guests one by one and found no trace of them.

"Miss Celia, what are you looking for?" Eric asked.

Celia looked over and smiled, "where is Miss Shelley? I heard that she is a beautiful woman, so I want to see her. "

Hearing this, the faces of Celia and Shelley suddenly overlapped in Eric's mind.

All of a sudden, a string in his mind was broken.

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