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   Chapter 376 Investigate The Ling Clan

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"I haven't congratulated you yet."

"Jay." Said Grandpa Ling.

Butler Jay quickly took out a check.

"The baby will be born in a few months. I have to give the baby a gift. Well, give him a lucky number."

Grandpa Ling said it was 8888888.

Butler Jay wrote the check as ordered by Grandpa Ling and handed it to Carlos.

Not only Carlos, but also Celia, who came out with a cup of tea, was shocked.

Carlos stopped him first, "Grandpa Ling, we can't accept the money."

No matter what the reason was, the money was too weird.

"Why can't you accept it?" Grandpa Ling said firmly. Why couldn't he give it to his great grandson?

This was the grandson of the Ling Clan, and it was not too much to add a few more zeroes.

"Grandpa Ling." Celia called. She put the tea in front of Grandpa Ling and handed the other cup to Butler Jay.

"We really can't accept the money. Even if you want to give me a gift, you don't have to give me so much. "

Hearing what Celia said, Grandpa Ling was stunned.

Looking at the smile on Celia's face, he realized that he was too excited to remember that Celia was not his granddaughter now and the baby in her belly was not his great grandson now as well.

"Then I won't see you off." Grandpa Ling took back the check, his voice full of disappointment.

It was not that Carlos and the Celia didn't accept his gift, but that Celia didn't know he was her grandpa.

Grandpa Ling really wanted to admit her now, but it was not the right time. It was impossible to say it directly here. Celia, your father is Eddy, and you are a member of our Ling Clan.

Thinking of this, Grandpa Ling stared at Celia for a long time.

Not only did Carlos feel strange about Grandpa Ling's strange behavior, but also Celia was embarrassed by him.

It seemed that Grandpa Ling paid special attention to Celia.

"Don't you two have time the day after tomorrow?" Grandpa Ling said as he suddenly remembered something.

Carlos replied, "Grandpa Ling, what can I do for you?"

He had something to deal with the day after tomorrow. If Grandpa Ling invited them, he would delay his own thing.

Grandpa Ling looked at Carlos with satisfaction. In fact, he didn't really want to ask Shelley or Sabina to marry Carlos at first.

Because he knew the relationship between Carlos and Celia.

Grandpa Ling just wanted to see this young man, so he found an excuse to meet Carlos by marriage.

s bought by Eric with money. Eric mentioned it on the phone between the two brothers.

He said that he bought a villa not far from the city because he was afraid that Grandpa Ling couldn't get used to living in Jin City. The air there was fresh.

It had been a long time since Eddy arrived at Jin City. He either lived in the Gu Clan's house or rented an apartment outside.

Their house had two bedrooms and one living room. They even bargained with the landlord when renting it.

As his brother, Eric was so rich that he seldom came to Jin City. He bought a villa himself just because he was afraid that his Grandpa Ling couldn't get used to living in a hotel.

Eddy was also the son of the Ling Clan, and the circumstances of the two were so different.

Looking at the villa in front of them, how could Eddy and Selina feel comfortable?

If Eddy stayed in the Ling Clan and took part in the business of the Ling consortium, he could afford ten sets, let alone the villa in front of him.

For love, he gave up his wealth and was willing to suffer with Selina. But he didn't expect to ask Selina if she was willing to live a simple life with him.

She could still live a simple life abroad. After returning home, they had seen the wealth and power of the Ling Clan and the Gu Clan. How could they be willing to be calm?

They were all from the Ling Clan. Eddy shouldn't have nothing!

This idea became stronger in the hearts of Selina and Joyce, especially after the Revenge of Carlos.

When Grandpa Ling came back, he saw the Eddy family waiting for him at the door as soon as he got off the car.

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