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   Chapter 375 I Want To Take My Granddaughter Back

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"Eddy, even if Joyce stays away from them, they will still make trouble for her. I can't help her, but what should I do? "

Eddy was so stupid that he didn't understand what Selina meant.

Selina to scold herself, but in fact, she was referring to Eddy.

After all, he was the eldest son of the Ling Clan. How could he not allow others to bully his daughter!

He also said that they should stay away from the Gu Clan!

"If I had listened to your father and left Joyce in the Ling Clan, she would have lived a good life in the Ling Clan, just like the real daughter of the Ling Clan." Selina held Eddy's hand and said, "Eddy, although Joyce is your daughter, she is not as good as Shelley."

"Your father would rather let an outsider run the business of the Ling consortium than his granddaughter take over it."

Thinking of this, Eddy lowered his head.

Because he had made up his mind to be with Selina. If he left, he wouldn't get a penny from the Ling Clan.

He couldn't get involved in the business of the Ling Clan, let alone money.

He had wanted to send Joyce to work in the Ling consortium, but was refused by Grandpa Ling.

"What about Joyce?" Selina continued sadly, "your father will arrange a son of the Su Clan for Shelley, and now, Joyce is almost destroyed by the Gu Clan. We can't be useless anymore! "

She held his hand tightly and stared at him.

"Even if I want to go back to the Ling Clan, my father won't want me," he sighed

He was so determined to marry Selina at that time. If his mother hadn't stopped Grandpa Ling, Grandpa Ling would have cut off the father son relationship with him.

This time, he tried to get close to Grandpa Ling, but Grandpa Ling didn't buy it.

"It doesn't matter if we suffer a little, but what about Joyce?" Selina continued to persuade him. She stopped crying and looked at Eddy calmly.

"Joyce is the second daughter of the Ling Clan. Like Sabina, Joyce is qualified to live in the Ling Clan and have a good husband. Now even Shelley, who was adopted by Grandpa Ling, is better than Joyce. Do you think we deserve Joyce? "

Selina's words touched Eddy. Indeed, Joyce was his daughter, the daughter of the Ling Clan.

"The reason why the Gu Clan dared to bully Joyce today is that they don't think she is the daughter of the Ling Clan and they look down upon us." Selina continued, "for the sake of Joyce, you can have a try."

"Let me think." Although Eddy was moved, he was afraid of his father.

Grandpa Ling's majesty had been suppressed in his heart. Marrying Selina was the only time he resisted Grandpa Ling.

After that, he tried to ease the relationship with Grandpa Ling, but Grandpa Ling didn't accept it at all.

Let him think!

"Eddy, I'm so sorry for what happened to Joyce this time. She is from a poor family. I'm sure she will be bullied again." Selina wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

She wanted Eddy to go back to the Ling Clan and take back what belonged to him, so

t her father was dead than to let her know that she had an irresponsible and heartless father.

Grandpa Ling hesitated. He really wanted to take back Celia and make up for what his son had done.

Holding Celia's arm, Carlos arrived at the office. After the two of them talked for a while, someone knocked on the door.

The two turned their heads and saw Jay in front, and Grandpa Ling behind him with a walking stick.

"Grandpa Ling." Carlos was a little surprised. Celia stood up and went inside to make tea.

She immediately recognized that it was Grandpa Ling, who had helped her in the shopping mall last time and given her a precious necklace.

It was Shelley] who came to the meeting today, but Grandpa Ling came for her.

"Shelley is busy with other things. I'll come to have a look for her," said Grandpa Ling.

The blind date with the Su Clan went smoothly, and Terence had shown his love for Shelley in front of him.

Grandpa Ling was very happy and wanted to set up their marriage as soon as possible.

Shelley couldn't be delayed any longer. In the morning, Terence asked Shelley out. Grandpa Ling asked her to go and he helped her to attend the meeting of the Gu consortium.

He wanted the two of them to have more contact. Although Terence was a few years younger than Shelley and didn't look mature and steady, he was sincere to Shelley.

"Grandpa Ling, please have a seat." Carlos helped Grandpa Ling sit on the sofa.

Grandpa Ling was respected by many people.

Carlos also respected Grandpa Ling. Sitting on the sofa, Grandpa Ling kept his eyes on Celia.

Carlos had noticed this since Grandpa Ling came in.

"My wife, Celia." Carlos introduced with a smile.

"Yes, I know. She is a good girl."

Although Grandpa Ling had seen her last time, he didn't seem to have seen enough of her. The more he looked at her, the more he felt that she was the granddaughter of the Ling Clan.

Seeing the tears in Grandpa Ling's eyes, Carlos felt strange.

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