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   Chapter 332 You Are Married

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Wearing high-heeled shoes, a dress made of Chanel, and curly hair.

Butler Jay knocked in Shelley's room in the early morning and was shocked to see her delicate make-up.

"My lady, where are you going?"

Shelley looked graceful and charming when she dressed up.

She walked out of the suite, smiled and went back to Butler Jay. "Gu consortium."

"Grandpa Jay, call up the others who are in charge of this cooperation and go to the Gu consortium with me."

After these words, Shelley walked to the elevator.

Butler Jay was stunned. He couldn't believe his ears. 'Lady should propose to work in the Gu consortium?'

The group walked slowly into the Gu consortium. The woman in the front was about 27 or 28. With a shallow smile on her beautiful face, she made people feel like bathing in the spring breeze.

"Who is she?" The employees at the front desk looked at them curiously and said in a low voice.

"I don't know."

No one in Gu consortium knew who she came for, so people around Shelley looked at her curiously.

It was all because of her imposing manner that made people stop and graceful.

For a woman at this age, she was no less immature than a girl of about ten or twenty years old, but she was full of mature taste, which made the man remember her more than the ripe fruits.


The employee at the front desk greeted her with a smile. Seeing Shelley wearing the famous brand and the person following her, she knew that it was a big client.

"I'm Shelley Ling, from the Ling consortium. I'm here to negotiate with Mr. Carlos about the project of the AN Building."

Shelley said in a soft and gentle voice, which made people feel comfortable.

"President Gu?" The staff at the front desk looked at each other and answered, "sorry, Mr. Gu just went out."

Then she turned to look at Butler Jay and asked, "we have an appointment with Carlos."

"I'm calling Assistant Boris."

Butler Jay had told Boris that they would come to the Gu consortium for cooperation.

When they were here, Carlos was no where to be found.

"No, thanks." Jay thought she wanted to take them away when she knew that Carlos was not here. Unexpectedly, Shelley said, "call Carlos right now."

"Cooperation can't be postponed any longer!"

'Lady, you've figured it out?'

Butler Jay immediately asked people to find the phone number of Carlos. After dialing the number, he handed the phone to Shelley.

After a few beeps, the phone was picked up.

Shelley took a deep breath to calm down.

"Hello, Mr. Carlos!"

There came a pleasant voice. Carlos looked at the strange number and intentionally looked at Celia who was looking for books in the study.

When he received the phone call from the servant, they said that Celia was not feeling well,

men were as clear as water.

"Miss Ling, sorry for keeping you waiting." He stared at Shelley and apologized.

Why didn't he get the news before that the daughter of the Ling Clan was a beauty!

"Mr. Carlos has some personal affairs to deal with."

After he finished, Shelley added, "I have talked to Mr. Carlos on the phone. You can get all the information here."

"I'm leaving now."

Boris handed the file. Seeing her turn around, she walked out elegantly in her high heels.

He had been around Boss for many years, and had seen many beautiful women. But Shelley was totally different.

She was so elegant, elegant and charming.

Carlos didn't return to the Gu consortium until Celia had completely fallen asleep.

The first thing he needed to do was to see Boris.

"Boss, the files Miss Ling gave are all here." Boris thought that his Boss wanted to talk about business, so he picked up the papers on the table and said.

Taking a glance at the document, Carlos asked Boris, "what do you think of Shelley?"

"What?" In a daze, he thought of Shelley Ling, and a smile appeared on his face.

"It's very beautiful."

Shelley liked flowers in a quiet valley. At the first sight of her, he thought she was beautiful and comfortable.

After saying that, he seemed to think of something and said, "Boss, you are married!"

"Lady will be sad if she knows it."

Carlos had no interest in Shelley, but in her identity.

"Send me the video of her showing up in the hall." Carlos said lightly.

"What? Boss, that Shelley Ling is indeed very beautiful. She is not suitable for you. " Boris tried to persuade him. He didn't want to destroy the image of his young master's infatuation.


Carlos asked in a serious tone. "You think too much."

There was one thing he needed to make sure before seeing Shelley next time.

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