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   Chapter 331 Stop Loving

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When Sabina returned to the hotel, she thought of Shelley. The more she thought about it, the more irritable she became.

She had been scared when she threw the cup at her. If her grandfather knew she beat Shelley, he would scold her.

She was the granddaughter of her grandfather. However, her grandfather preferred Shelley

Thinking of this, Sabina was mad. She picked up her phone and called Olivia.

This time, she came here with Eddy.

She had two purposes. First, she went to the city to have fun, second, as the daughter of the Ling Clan, she was disliked by a man, and she was not reconciled.

In her eyes, no other man didn't love her.


She said to her mother.

When Sabina went to Jin City with Eddy family, Eric had just gotten angry and questioned Olivia why her daughter had gone to the city.

"So what? Of course she would support her daughter's decision to go after Carlos.

Gu Clan was a good family. How could they let Shelley get close to Carlos first and take advantage of the opportunity of cooperation with Gu consortium.

Olivia thought Grandpa Ling sent Shelley to Jin City to make a match between her and Carlos.

"What's wrong?"

"Mom," Sabina cried out.

Hearing her baby daughter's crying, Olivia got anxious and asked, "who bullied you?"

"Shelley Ling..." Cried Sabina.

"It's her again!"

On hearing Shelley's name, Olivia got anxious. Her daughter was not worth mentioning to Grandpa Ling, who doted on that woman.

"What did she do to you?" After saying that, Olivia paused. "You went to look for her?"

She knew her daughter's temper

"I want her to arrange a job for Joyce, but she borrow grandpa and dad to pressure me."

"She didn't listen to me. I was so angry that I smashed her." The latter part of her words sounded less and less convincing.

"What did you say?" After listening to it, Olivia raised her voice, "you threw a cup at Shelley!"

"Yes." Sabina knew that her mother was angry now, so she whispered, "Mom, I was so angry that I hit her."

"Will she tell Grandpa?" This was what she was most worried a

hit. It was no big deal. She didn't need to bother grandpa with anything.

Shelley compromised when she heard this. But she asked the driver to send her to hospital and let Jay sleep.

It was nine o'clock in the evening when she arrived. There were not many patients at night. When Shelley arrived, the doctor was not busy.

"Wow, this is a pretty face. Don't leave scars on it!" The doctor said after nursing Shelley's wounds.

The alcohol sterilized the wound. She frowned at the pain on her forehead. This pain was nothing compared to what she had suffered in prison.

She had been to Jin City for several times, and she had come when Paul was back, but she avoided every time.

It was the first time she saw him in the restaurant in ten years.

She saw his legs in a hurry without even looking at his face.

The nightmare was chasing her, she ran ahead desperately, but she couldn't escape it.

She didn't expect to meet Paul at the hospital in the evening.

They had seen each other twice a day. And this time, his face was so clear in her eyes.

He was thinner than she had read in the magazine. He looked experienced a lot.

She had seen a lot of news about him, including newspapers and magazines even Grandpa Ling hid them every time. But every time, she could not help but look them out.

It must be love. But she knew clearly that she couldn't continue to love him.

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