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   Chapter 329 I Fell In Love With Her At The First Sight

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Afraid, Shelley followed Grandpa Ling's order and went to the hotel.

Grandpa Ling had help her make an appointment. She couldn't break her promise.

Even if the man she met was really Paul, so what? At the worst, she turned around and ran away, determined that she was not the dead Nelda.

Besides, her face was a little different now. Maybe he couldn't recognize her at all!

Shelley kept giving herself hints in her heart. But the more she thought about it, the more panicked she was.

She was afraid that the person she would meet in the hotel was none other than Paul, the last man she wanted to see in her life.

Because of him, she was wronged and imprisoned. She was the most beautiful girl at the age of eighteen, but she had celebrated her birthday in prison. If it weren't for her grandfather's help, she would have died.

When they arrived, Butler Jay let her in. He told her the exact location of the restaurant on the second floor, but didn't tell her who she would meet.

Shelley walked in uneasily and kept her sunglasses on.

The sunglasses didn't cover the sun any more, but a mask to cover her face. In this way, no one would recognize her even if she wore the sunglasses.

In Chinese restaurant on the second floor, a waiter said she would take her there.

"No, I'll go by myself." Shelley pursed her lips and said.

She knew the location. She wanted to hide in the dark first so that she could have a chance to escape or stay.

She stepped on her high heels and walked towards the crowd. Her high heels treaded on the soft carpet with a very low voice, but Shelley could still hear the thud around her. In the elegant dining room, everyone was whispering, not knowing where the noise came from.

At last, she could hear her own heartbeat.

Her heart was beating too fast, too fast!

A man was already sitting in the seat. His face was in the light and in Shelley's eyes, she was watching quietly.

In the University, Paul was a simple and honest man. He didn't talk much and always smiled gently to everyone.

Such a man was easy to attract the attention of girls, and Nelda was no exception.

'How could I fall in love with him? I already have a crush on him when I first met him.'

The love story began. She walked along the court from time to time in order

y lady, why do you come back so early?"

Shelley could tell that Jay was embarrassed.

"What's wrong, Grandpa Jay?" Shelley asked.

Butler Jay answered in a low voice, "Miss Sabina is with Joyce here."

Grandpa Ling didn't like Joyce. He had told everyone that no one in the Ling Clan's old house was allowed to call her "second young mistress". Butler Jay was Grandpa Ling's most trusted subordinate and he always did what he asked.

"Why are they here?" Shelley said coldly.

They absolutely didn't come here for sightseeing or visit her.

In the old house, she had never met Sabina. Sabina was cold to her and didn't care about her status as an adopted daughter at all.

The purpose of this visit was probably something.

"Lady, you can go out first to avoid them. They will leave when they wait for a long time." Butler Jay suggested.

"No, thanks." Shelley waved her hand, indicating that they would come again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

It was true that Sabina had been spoiled. As a child, it was not difficult to deal with her. But it was difficult to deal with Joyce.

How could Selina's daughter be simple?

With these words, Shelley walked to her room step by step steadily.

She was never a coward. Moreover, she wasn't bullied by anyone.

If others treated her well, she would naturally return; if others intended to hurt her, she would certainly protect herself.

"Why do you come back so late?"

When Shelley opened the door, Sabina who was sitting in the living room asked unhappily.

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