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   Chapter 325 Divorce!

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"Dylan, I don't know how much longer grandpa can hold on. When I am sober, I will tell you something here."


"At my age, if I knew it was fate, don't be sad. I can finally end my life. To be frank, I want to love as much as I do in my next life like you. Not just silently protecting her... "

What Grandpa Tang said made Dylan stunned.

He didn't know what to say. To be honest, it was the first time that his grandpa asked him such a question.

With a slight smile on his face, Grandpa Tang tiredly raised his hand and pointed at a drawer in the cabinet over there.

"Open the drawer and take out the things inside."

Looking in the direction where his grandfather was pointing, Dylan nodded immediately. He strode over and opened the box. There was a very ancient jewelry box in the drawer.

Grandpa Tang asked again.

"These are for Amanda. But you have to open it after I die. I will ask my lawyer to give you the key to the box. "

"What's more, how to allocate my property is also in my will as I requested, and then you..."

Before Grandpa Tang could finish his words, footsteps came from outside and he also stopped.

The next second, Martin opened the door and came in. Joy showed on his face when he saw his father.

He ran over excitedly and choked.

"Dad, it's so good to see you wake up!"

Seeing the tear stains on his eldest son's face, Grandpa Tang heaved a deep sigh.

He patted his eldest son's hand, and there was no dislike in his eyes as before.

Normally, Grandpa Tang hated this couple the most.

"You... What do you want me to say about you! You are a mature man. I know I'll do something you don't like, but... Even decades can't tell a difference. As long as there is no major change in the family, you can live a good life with that woman! Rest assured, I will give her what she deserves. This way, you will have a better life in the future. "

"But... I hope you won't blame anyone if something terrible happens to our family one day and that woman leave

an elder? "

The man who spoke was Martin. He had always been very considerate to his wife. But right now, he snorted at his wife. He didn't even try to lift her up when he saw her falling on the ground.

After that, he looked at Paul and Amanda, motioning them to come in.

"Dad has been waiting for you. Come on in."

"Okay, thank you... Dad... "


The reaction of Amanda truly shocked Martin.

He remembered what his father had just said.

Indeed, Dylan was his son, and Amanda was his daughter-in-law.

Although his father hadn't told him about some things, that didn't mean he knew nothing about them.

"That's great! Don't you see me as some loser now? Do you want them to occupy the whole Tang Clan? Ah? "

When they went into the room, Leah somehow picked herself up from the ground and ran to him. The two started to fight with each other.

Faced with her fists and kicks, Martin remained silent and just let her do whatever she wanted.

He didn't say anything until Leah found it boring. No matter what she did, he didn't react.

She was so annoyed that she made an ultimatum.

"Martin Tang, you must make it clear to me what happened today. Or the only thing we can do is divorce! I'm divorcing you! "

This time, she didn't expect that the silent man would open his mouth.

He said lightly.


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