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   Chapter 323 You Protect Her She Is Married!

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Updated: 2020-04-18 00:04

She dared not open her eyes and just murmured, pretending to be asleep.

Dylan's eyes were as clear as crystal, and he couldn't help but feel sorry for her when he saw her beautiful sleeping face.

He reached out to fix her hair and then lowered his head to kiss her.

"Good girl, have a good sleep!"

Amanda turned her face away, her eyelashes quivering.

She didn't dare to face him again, for she was afraid that if she didn't do so, he would find out her delicate handkerchief.

So, every now and then, Amanda would go to the hospital to visit Felix.

Not because she wanted to go there...

She couldn't stand any more of Sylvia's pitiful imploration.

Because if she didn't go with Sylvia, Sylvia would tell her that Felix refused to take his medicine and refused to cooperate with the doctor.

As she had no choice, Amanda could only suppress her emotions for the time being.

Today, Felix seemed to be in a better mood. He proposed to go shopping with Amanda.

Although Amanda was a little puzzled, she could tell from his expression that he was in a good mood. What's more, the weather was good. So she said yes.

They came to a jewelry counter together. Felix pointed at a jewelry necklace inlaid with bright jewels and asked the closet to take it out for him.

He took the necklace from the locker and began to put it on Amanda's neck.

Seeing this, Amanda hastened to hide.

"Felix, what are you doing? I can't take it. It's so precious! "

"Amanda, in the past three years, I haven't sent you any birthday gift every year. I don't know if I have the chance to send you one in the future. This time, can you make my wish come true?"

From his words, there was a faint smile on his face, but behind the smile was his resentment and dissatisfaction.

Maybe one day he would never see the first ray of sunshine in the next morning.

Why his fate was like this? And why the woman he loved would live happily with another man!

Of course, Amanda couldn't understand him.

But his words were well understood.

She was pulled over from him.

He gently lifted up her long hair and carefully put the necklace around her neck.

"So b

, he was looking at Dylan coldly.

His action and protection agitated Dylan.

He was her real husband!

Why did he look more like an outsider now!

And the man, why should he stand in front of her.

The man who could stand in front of her, protect her and take care of her would always be the only one, that's him! Dylan!

No other men, even if they were only peeking into her heart, would be allowed!

"Felix Li! What qualifications do you have to speak to me! Go away! "

Dylan came closer to Felix. They were so close that they could almost hear each other's breath.

"As Amanda's friend, I have the responsibility and obligation to protect her from others."

He said slowly.

He didn't care whether they were a couple or not.

Besides, that was exactly what he wanted?

The lights flashed on the two tall and handsome men.

"Violating? Haha, Felix, are you kidding me? "

As if he had heard a big joke, Dylan suddenly snickered a few times. But the laughter was pale and cold, making people unable to feel cold.

"I'm her husband, her husband! How could I hurt her? "

He turned to look at Felix and said coldly, "in my opinion, it's you who want her to get hurt! Huh... I know what you are planning. "

"Protect her? She is married, but you wear the necklace to her in public and claim to protect her? What do you want from her? Or... You have an ulterior motive? "

Meanwhile, he was getting closer to Felix.

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