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   Chapter 247 Do You Know I'm Looking For You

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Sitting in the living room of the Mo Clan, Celia Ling was a little uneasy.

Everything she was familiar with ever seemed to have changed.

She heard from Rona that Ron was still in hospital. But his mood had finally stabilized and was finally willing to cooperate with the treatment.

She went abroad this time for her son.

Rona explained as she poured water into Celia's glass. When they just had a few words, the housekeeper's voice came from outside.

"Sir, who are you looking for? Excuse me... "

Celia Ling frowned. A handsome and cold man walked towards her.


When he called her name, Celia looked indifferent.

"Mr... Mr. Gu..."

Rona also stood up. Carlos glanced at Celia coldly. Then Rona looked at Celia. Finally, she had to leave with the housekeeper.

"What are you doing here?"

"Come back with me!"

He smiled at her coldly.

"No, thanks." No more hesitation. "You must have gotten the divorce agreement."

Such an answer made Carlos angrier. Regardless of Celia's will, he pulled her arms and pulled her forward.

Celia could never imagine how extreme he was.

He must be crazy in front of the Mo Clan.

Celia Ling frowned. She was too tired and weak to say anything. However, she insisted, "Carlos, please let me go!"

Carlos seemed not to hear what she said at all.

Ignoring the Mo Clan, Carlos grabbed her wrist, dragged her all the way from the living room to the door, then dragged her into the car and locked it.

Celia kept silent. She neither resisted nor fought.

She just sat there quietly without any expression on her face.

On the way back to the manor, both of them kept silent. They had always maintained the closest relationship in the world, but now in the car, one was angry, the other was indifferent.

The moonlight fell on the woman's quiet profile through the window. Her long hair covered her lean eyes. The coldness in her eyes was extremely beautiful, but was also very unfamiliar.

Carlos knew it clearly that she was forced to lock up in the car and did not argue with him.

toes were trembling and her consciousness was chaotic. Such inexplicable feeling made her discontented.

However, she didn't even have the strength to struggle or refuse.

Carlos felt that she was no longer as gentle and obedient as before.

She was such a fascinating woman.

"Celia, why did you leave?"

He bit her ears and felt her shivering. Finally, he kissed her lips directly.

"Please don't --"

It was too late to refuse.

She saw him smile, but her eyes were not sharp. However, her sanity had slowly faded away.

He put his arms around her waist and called her, "baby Good girl... "

He had done such an evil thing, but what he said was so gentle. Celia would only feel disgusted and sick when she heard him cajoling Celia like this.

Her face was pale. She couldn't bear it anymore. So next time when he pinched her waist, she grabbed his arm and bit it hard until she tasted the blood.

How could he only let her suffer?

She hated the physical disparity when they entangled with each other, but she hated herself more as she was too weak to stand any wind, so she could only let he do whatever he wanted.

Especially when she remembered that he whispered "Sally" in her ear that night

She was completely tired of the game he was considering himself to be.

With more force, her nails pierced into his back, leaving a few scars of blood.

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