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   Chapter 242 I Really Want To Take You With Me

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He gently rubbed her red lips with his long fingers. Her long hair was disheveled on the morning she just woke up.

The light fragrance on her hair made him infatuated with her and get out of control.

Carlos buried his head in her fair neck and breathed freely.

"I have no choice but to be on a business trip for a few days. Celia, please stay at home."

His thin lips clung to her neck. This kiss was kind of ambiguous and clingy.

She turned her face to avoid it.

But she was shackled by him, unable to move.

One of his hand lightly touched her face, while the other hand had been put on her shoulder since Celia had been out of mind.

Before she could respond, he had already untied the bowknot that had been tied with lace.

When the bowknot on her left shoulder was loosened, her snow-white, plump shoulder was exposed.

Celia was stunned. Then she got a little shocked.


She reluctantly twisted her body.

She didn't get angry with him for flirting with her in the evening. But now it was in the daytime. He just lay her on the closet in the cloakroom in such a grand way, untying the shoulder belt, making her a little embarrassed.

She began to struggle and hold his hand.

"Don't you want to pack? I, I will help you. Carlos, don't..."

Her words now were like compromise and resistance to action, and there was no way for her to escape from the man's embrace.

Due to the great disparity in strength between men and women, she was no match for him at all.

Before she finished her words, Carlos had already held both of her hands and pressed them on the wardrobe behind her.

She had no choice but to step back. At the moment when the shoulder belt on the right side was unfastened, her nightgown slipped down.

Celia Ling's face turned pale out of embarrassment and anger when she felt the icy cold on her body.

"Honey, don't move."

He coaxed her.

His eyes darkened.

He knew her well, even if she was without that mole now, she was still her.

Every time she did this, her flushing face would bring his heart back to life.

What an attractive woman!

"Don't do this to me, Carlos."

She could not stand such anxiety...

"Don't say that."

In what way?

Carlos couldn't stand Celia's words anymore.

Every time she said "don't do this" with a blush, He was more eager to have

Celia who was packing the shirt for her. He stuttered, "Celia has picked these, but..."

She raised her head and waited for him to continue. When he looked into his wife's eyes, Carlos changed his words immediately.

"That's great," he said

In fact, he hadn't worn dark blue shirt for a long time.

These dark colored shirts...but the clothes was chosen by Celia. So they were nice.

Anyway, that was his wife's idea. He couldn't refuse her, so he needed to praise her.

Celia looked at him standing aside and said, "or else, you'd better choose one by yourself."

"Celia has a good taste. I like everything Celia picked."

Celia didn't say anything more. She didn't want to argue with Carlos. She picked up a few shirts, let alone shoes and ties.

In the end, despite her good temper, she couldn't help but replied, "Mr. Carlos, are you going to go abroad for a show?"

With so many clothes.

Hearing her tease, Carlos smiled, "of course not."

He was always neat and clean, and was unwilling to bring anything with him.

She was picking clothes for him. He liked the way she dressed him. As a result, the number of clothes she had just mentioned increased unconsciously.

It was really hard for him to control himself.

However, after breakfast, she went upstairs again. She spent no more than one morning tidying up the dishes. Finally, Celia returned to the room.

She sat there and had a rest. The man said as he closed the suitcase, "I really want to take you with me."

Hearing his words, she unconsciously bit her lips and flushed.

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