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   Chapter 241 The Princess Dream Woven For Her

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His voice was low and thick like cello.

As soon as he finished his words, he kissed her again, gently wandering around the corner of her mouth and waiting for her response patiently.

His handsome face was full of tenderness, and he was acting like a spoiled child. Amanda didn't know how to deal with this situation.

Amanda didn't know since when she stopped grasping his neck. She then moved towards his neck from his body. At last, she hooked her arms around his neck.

Slowly, her teeth were opened, and her mouth was gently opened.

She glanced at the mirror by accident and her face flushed immediately. Was she really the intoxicated one?

"I apologize. Honey, don't be angry..."

He left her lips with reluctance, and touched her red cheek with a contented kiss. Seeing that she was not as angry as before, he felt much relieved.

However, he wouldn't give up so easily. Like he said just now, he really wanted to have a baby with her.

No matter it was a boy or a girl, more like him or her, but he was sure that their little boy would be very smart.

If so, the little guy would understand that he came to this world not only to realize his mother's wish to become a mother, but also to let his father to keep his beloved woman more reliable.

It was a stupid way to put a child around a woman, but it was also a good way, wasn't it?

In the next few days, although Dylan finally came to work, Amanda's life seemed to enter a "vicious circle.".

Since the man said that he wanted a child, she had seldom taken a day's rest.

Although they had promised to spend the rest of their life with each other, she was also confused about his desire for a child.

But on the other hand, she really saw a different Dylan.

He could cook for her and help her wash her feet. She watched Conan, and he would sit beside her and watch as well.

He said sweet words to coax h

rything here.

Without exception, all were decorated with lace.

Pearls, crystals, and even diamonds.

At first, she didn't want to wear it. But Carlos said, "You'll wear it or be naked. Celia, choose one."

She had no choice but to wear it as he would occasionally make fun of her.

Fortunately, the design was simple and not exposed.

But it was a little out of her expectation that the man loved such kind of flavor.

She didn't understand.

Mr. Carlos did this not for himself, for Celia.

In order to satisfy the girlish heart of Mrs. Gu, he made up a wonderful dream of a princess for her.

But, apparently. Some tried to do so, but the woman could not understand.

Since you are a princess, you should wear more pajamas.

For example, the one on Celia now.

Her skin was pure white, with pure white lace on the shoulder belt.

Celia Ling just woke up, and her long, thick and curly hair was tied up in a hurry. She looked gentle and quiet.

It was indeed his little princess.

Thinking of this, he came closer to her.

Celia was shocked. She was suddenly pressed against the closet by him. He was so soft and tough that she couldn't bear it anymore.


"Shh, don't say anything. Let me hold you for a while. "

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