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   Chapter 240 Charming

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Amanda lifted her head and looked at him suspiciously, as if she had realized something.

"Honey, why are you looking at me like that? Are you trying to ask me to kiss you?"

Dylan took a bottle of cleanser from the wash basin and pushed it into her hand.

"Honey, help me wash my face and shave my beard..."

"Dylan, you are really..." He was getting more and more insatiable!

Although she said so, she turned on the faucet with her hands. She held the water to wash his face.

She wiped his face hard with the cleanser as if she was released from anger, and her action was a little naughty and rude.


Dylan let out a cry and closed his eyes, but he still felt a searing pain in his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

From the mirror, Amanda could see Dylan was still painful, bowing his head. She recalled what she did when she was mad at Dylan just now. She couldn't help but peep at him.

"Did I hurt your eyes? Come on, wash the water off. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. "

She anxiously fetched water from his face.

When he opened his eyes again, they were already a little red.

"Are you alright?"

She felt rather guilty and quickly handed over a dry towel to help him wipe his eyes.

"Yeah, you are right, Amanda."

"Well, since you always provoke me, you deserve to be bullied. Is it still painful now?"

Amanda muttered while helping him wipe the towel with her lips. She was so concerned that she didn't realize her true feelings.

She stood on tiptoe to get close to him and wiped his eyes gently. She was so close to him that her black eyes were full of Dylan. She looked so attentive and so beautiful.

Unconsciously, he spoke a word. "It hurts."

"How about this?"

She then gently opened his eyes. He bent down along with her. She pouted and gently blew his eyes.

As a matter of fact, he liked teasing her more since he stayed with her these days.

Although Amanda looked cold on the surface, she would definitely be more nervous and anxious than anyone else as long as zed played such a little trick.

He loved the way she was worried about him.

Just like now, his eyes had long been fine, but her little face was still entangled. No matter how much he asked, or how dis

and Grandpa is waiting to have a grandson. You can sleep in separate rooms now, but you... "

"Hey, now you know that we are together uneasily? Why do you mention Grandpa? "

She turned to look at the man with cold eyes.

Take a deep breath... Keep breathing...

Dylan tried his best to control his emotions... No one dared to irritate her.

The man began to follow "rescue the country in a round-line way".

"Right. Honey, do you know how anxious Grandpa is? We can't sleep in separate rooms tonight. Maybe Grandpa's dream will come true tonight! My wife is so pretty and our baby is exceedingly beautiful. Honey, look at us, our gene... "


Suddenly, Amanda raised her head and looked at the man with suspicion.

"Dylan. Did you really say that? It doesn't sound like you? Are you sure that you haven't been displaced? Besides, if it was a boy? Common sense! "

"I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed."

She tried to open the door again.

When she was about to open the door, her wrist hurt and she was forced to move backward.

He pulled her to the chair in front of the dressing table. She was furious and opened her eyes wide. When she was about to scold him, he suddenly bent down and kissed her in front of the mirror.

This kiss was softer than the one he had kissed in the bathroom. It could be said that he had only gently touched her lips.

"So honey Let's have a baby! If it's a boy, I'm sure he will be exceedingly beautiful as well, won't he? "

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