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   Chapter 239 Kiss You, Touch You

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Amanda was stunned and her eyes were filled with tears. She stared at Dylan blankly for a while, but he behaved like nothing had happened.

"Are you awake?" He said.


She nodded subconsciously. When she realized what he meant, she looked at her cell phone again.

What a... She found it hard to believe that Dylan had opened Weibo.

He was not interested in it at all?

The netizens who used to curse her had been blocked, and now her microblog had all transformed...

"I didn't expect you to get my husband!"

"Oh my God... Honey, don't leave me. I love you! "

"Honey, I can't believe Amanda's really your girlfriend..."

"Turns out my "husband" has a thing for this type of girls. Poor Amanda is called a bitch by Ellie's brainless fans."

Looking at all these messages, Amanda was so shocked that she almost fainted. What was going on?

When did this happen.


She checked the ID again and again, but still couldn't be sure if it was really him. He had millions of followers overnight, but the only person he cared about was the Amanda.

The name "Amanda" flickered in his care.

Therefore, Amanda stopped chatting with him and forwarded his only tweet.

"Mr. Tang, MUA."

Dylan noticed that she was still focusing on her phone.

"I'll get more sleep and wake me up for dinner, but..."

She was startled by Dylan's sudden voice. She put the phone behind her back quickly and looked at him with her beautiful eyes.


He bent over and kissed her lips.

"I said, although I only had one meal with you, I'm deeply in love with my wife. Honey, I want to eat the food you cook."

"Do you think What? "

Amanda thought it was her hallucination, so she raised her voice and asked again.

But the reality was that...

The phone on her back had been taken away by a man so ruthlessly.

Upon seeing the last sentence she had posted, the man grinned from ear to ear.

He shouted loudly.

"Mr. Tang, MUA."

Suddenly, there was a sparkle of excitement in his eyes. The bright light alm

m to fill his bathtub.


"So what?"

"Honey, I can't take off my clothes."


"You've seen my body before. Is it because my wife is shy now?"

With a woman's flushed face and a man's mischievous smile, she reluctantly put on his clothes. With a bathrobe, he followed Amanda into the bathroom.

The water was so easy to fill. She was just about to leave, and she didn't expect that...

"Honey, wait a moment."

"Tell me!"

"Do you forget what Uncle Paul said? I can't touch water. "

"So what?"

"So... Help me have a bath... "

Seeing the man pretend to be innocent, Amanda really wanted to take off her slippers and hit hard on his face.

And in the end, she did so, but was easily caught by Dylan.

"You don't have to wash. That's it!"

Staring at the man, she said coldly.

"How about I lie next to you? Aren't you afraid of the stink? I haven't taken a shower for a few days. I guess there are many worms on my body. "

Then he pulled his bathrobe. A look of disgust came over his face.

Amanda curled her lips and turned her head away, suggesting that she didn't want to talk to him anymore.

However, her wrist suddenly tightened, and her whole body was held in the arms of a man in one second.

"Oh my God Dylan Tang... It hurts... "

Her heartbeat accelerated.

The strength was too much for a wounded man?

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