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   Chapter 237 The Stubborn Heart Broken Man

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Not only Terence, but also Dylan was surprised to see the man come in slowly.

"Uncle Paul..."

Murmured Dylan.

The atmosphere in the room got weird suddenly.

Although the music was still playing, everyone present could feel the atmosphere was strange.

Holding in Carlos' arms, Celia also looked towards the source of the weird atmosphere.

The mottled shadows crisscrossed on that face, and she indistinctly saw a incomparably handsome face.

Especially the smile on the man's lips. He felt that it was really beautiful.

He not only had a nice smile, but also dressed in a light grey suit, which made him look mature and steady. He had a handsome face, and there was a warm feeling all over his body.

In the eyes of everyone present, he was a sunshine loving man.


Celia suddenly felt a chill coming from Carlos.

Dylan didn't expect Paul to follow him here either. He had watched him get into his car.

Paul walked towards Carlos and Celia step by step.

Paul stared at one direction with his deep eyes, which made Celia confused.

She hugged Carlos tightly subconsciously.

'He looks like a nice guy. Why is he staring at me like that? How can I describe him?' she thought?

It was a little hot... Deep affection?

She didn't know how to describe it properly.

Carlos held Celia in his arms and looked at Paul as well.

The atmosphere in the room was frozen by these two men with same aura.

"Everyone is here! What a scene! "

Paul Tang finally broke the silence. Then he pushed away Terence Su, who was sitting beside Carlos, and sat down herself.

Others started to move aside as well.

Paul Tang bent over and took the wine bottles on several glass tables. He poured the wine into three glasses one by one. Then he took two glasses and handed them to Carlos and Celia Ling. He smiled and said, "Come on, Carlos. I propose a toast to you."

Carlos did not speak or move.

Paul was just holding the glass of wine and not moving.

It seemed that they were competing with each other for patience, which made th

id, "No, there was nothing between him and me. But he was stubborn. He had to solve the problem on his own. Nobody else could help him. So you should stop worrying about others. Instead, you care about me. Are you satisfied now? "

Celia frowned when she heard that. "Who said that? I'm not mad at you."

"Okay. I'm not angry with you. There are inevitably some troubles between husband and wife, especially because of Celia's concern for me. She wanted to know more about me. In this way, our relationship is getting better and better. "

"Who is your good wife! You make the decision by yourself! "

She muttered and looked away.

To her surprise, he suddenly hugged her tighter and whispered in her ear, "I have no idea how Celia treats you. There must be some other things that she could not have come up with."

He pressed over her head and she fell into his arms instantly.

"Carlos, don't HMM... "

Deep in the parking lot, a tall figure was standing between the lights and darkness. He looked at their backs, in a trance.

He stared at Carlos without a blink as Carlos got into the car with Celia in his arms.

While in the car, Carlos who was starting the car and helping the woman fasten the seat belt, either intentionally or unintentionally, glanced sideways at the depths of the parking lot. His dark eyes darkened, and no one knew what he was thinking.

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