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   Chapter 236 Even If They Would Be Killed By Carlos' Eyes, They Had To Gossip

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 5008

Updated: 2020-03-28 21:15

Her eyes were wide open as she saw the man's deep eyes.

The colorful rays of light pierced through his eyes and blurred Celia, swaying to the deepest in the room.

She took a sip of sweetness and felt her cheeks burning.

There were a dozen of people watching them!

She pushed him away in a hurry. Her face flushed bright red, and her eyelashes trembled. Her watery eyes were full of shyness.

He was so thick skinned that he didn't want to get her into trouble!

As expected, the crowd hooted even more.

Carlos looked at her with a smile. Then he raised the microphone again, watching her finish the last part of the song with the unfinished tune.

This time, I don't want to let you go. I just want to jump on each other's heart and skip the whole world...

A deep and sexy voice echoed in the room for a long time and meanwhile, Celia's heart was filled with love.


After the song, Terence clapped first.

"Oh, it's because of you. This is the first time I hear Carlos sing."

Then he ran up to them with two glasses of wine in his hands.

Do you want more?

Celia Ling was about to refuse. However, Carlos took the glass and drank it up.

He then said.

"I'll replace her."

Then he emptied the other cup too.

"Okay! Carlos, you are so generous. Cheers! "

As soon as Carlos finished his glass, a man with unknown name came over again.

Carlos took another sip.

Then one, two...

Celia looked at the man next to her. There was a deep w

want to answer it, you can choose 'dare'."

"It's very kind of you to do so," Dylan reminded.

Amanda pointed at her husband with discontent! Celia was her best friend and she didn't want to make Celia embarrassed.

Celia looked at Terence. The facial expression on his face said, "no matter which kind of situation you choose, I'll make every effort to satisfy you.".

"No, thanks."

Celia replied with a smirk.

"I can answer you."

As soon as she finished, Celia's eyes lit up

At the same time, his strong arms were around her slender and soft waist, his deep eyes staring at her. He seemed to be expecting what she would say.

"Aunt Celia..."

As Terence was about to urge Celia to answer, the door of the opposite room was pushed open from the outside.

In the dim room, the man suddenly appeared in the light. His face was hidden in the dim light and couldn't be seen clearly.

It was not until the beam of light shone on his face that Terence recognized the person.

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